Anti-fur rhetoric ‘a spe­cial kind of nar­cis­sism’

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Re: Let­ter: Time to think fur free in New­found­land

Anti-fur pro­test­ers are an elit­ist cult. Not only do they have their opin­ions (which are based solely on short sighted emo­tion, and not on sci­ence, sus­tain­abil­ity or ecol­ogy), but they ac­tively seek out and ha­rass peo­ple for not con­form­ing to those same racist and un­sus­tain­able be­liefs. That’s a spe­cial kind of nar­cis­sism.

When pro­test­ers are out­side my store, at­tack­ing small busi­ness, spit­ting on New­found­land/ Labrador and In­dige­nous cul­ture, and claim­ing to be an­i­mal saviours, they are dressed head to toe in non-biodegrad­able syn­thetic cloth­ing. Cloth­ing that will never de­com­pose, and in turn, will pol­lute habi­tats and kill an­i­mals en masse for mil­len­nia. Do they care that they’re ac­tively con­tribut­ing to the dire sit­u­a­tion with plas­tics in our oceans? Do they care about the an­i­mals killed in­hu­manely by their cloth­ing? About the an­i­mals killed in ship­ping lanes be­cause their “cru­elty free” food and cloth­ing (made by chil­dren in third world coun­tries) have to be shipped across the world? About the green­house gasses emit­ted from this ship­ping? Their choices sug­gest ab­so­lutely not.

We are al­ways in­creas­ing the amount of sus­tain­able ma­te­ri­als in our prod­ucts (ie wool lin­ing in­stead of syn­thetic), and the tan­ning agents are con­tin­u­ally be­com­ing more en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly. The agents are reused many times so the im­pact per gar­ment is neg­li­gi­ble and is a moot point.

Wild an­i­mals don’t grow old and die peace­ful/pain-free deaths. They get eaten alive by other an­i­mals who have no re­gard for a hu­mane kill.

They lose their abil­ity to hunt and die cru­elly while they starve. They get over­pop­u­lated and die of dis­ease and star­va­tion. Any­one who would pre­fer that over a quick and hu­mane har­vest where the an­i­mal gets put to good use, can’t claim to be com­pas­sion­ate or care about an­i­mal wel­fare.

These cult mem­bers who preach about be­ing “cru­elty free” are the same peo­ple who have threat­ened to dis­solve my five-year-old daugh­ter and I in acid.

They have about as much cred­i­bil­ity as there are pot­hole-free roads in the prov­ince.

These cultists cause more wide­spread harm to an­i­mal pop­u­la­tions than any sus­tain­able har­vest or biodegrad­able prod­ucts do. When all the non­re­new­able re­sources are used up and the vast ma­jor­ity of an­i­mal habi­tat is clearcut for farms, the San Fran­cis­cos and LAs of the world will be kick­ing them­selves for con­tribut­ing to this de­struc­tion, as they shift back to re­ly­ing on the abun­dant re­new­able re­sources and biodegrad­able clothes that they shut­tered. In New­found­land, Labrador and Canada we are for­tu­nate to still have the con­nec­tion to our lands and re­sources that Hol­ly­wood knows noth­ing about. We’re 30 min­utes ahead in time zone but we are years ahead of the curve sim­ply by con­tin­u­ing a life­style that peo­ple will have no choice but re­turn to.

An­i­mal rights cultists live in glass houses and shouldn’t be throw­ing stones.

Jen Shears

Nat­u­raL bou­tique

St. John’s

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