Sammy Kren­shaw’s to host sep. 29th com­edy show

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“me and my two roommates, the guys who do it all, we were sit­ting around and thought it would be funny for our friends. there was no real plan or any­thing to con­tinue with it or make it an ac­tual thing, we just thought a one-off video would be funny. We thought, ‘if this gets like 500 views, that’s hi­lar­i­ous. so we did the whole thing in like 15 min­utes.

“the orig­i­nal idea was i was go­ing to eat a $5 bill ev­ery day un­til i got ar­rested, but that’s too ex­pen­sive. and i wasn’t ready to be ar­rested, then. prob­a­bly would now.”

a few hours later he got a call - they were on the front page of red­dit with hun­dreds of thou­sands of views.

“so that’s how a stupid joke be­came a real thing.

“We don’t re­ally know why (Ja­son segel), he just popped in our heads. it was just such a dumb, sim­ple idea. We didn’t pick any­one crazy, just be­cause it’s fun­nier to pick some­one who doesn’t re­ally mat­ter.”

maloney and his friends also have an an­i­ma­tion chan­nel they up­date weekly, which has had some suc­cess, if not quite the same stand­out suc­cess.

“it’s just con­sis­tent,” said maloney, not­ing some videos went over 100k views. “the segel stuff kind of made it fa­mous and the other stuff makes it con­sis­tent.”

the 100th episode on dog shirt fea­tured an ‘i quit’ theme where they faked the end­ing.

“We had like two weeks off and we said, ‘we don’t have to go back.’ We had a big, long 10-minute video and peo­ple loved it - it got a lot of views. so there was no rea­son to go back, but at the same time, the idea is so dumb... why wouldn’t we?”

a big fi­nale has been planned in oc­to­ber when they travel to los an­ge­les.

“if that doesn’t work, i’m go­ing to change my name to Ja­son segel and do it my­self,” he laughed.

tickets to the sept. 29 com­edy show at sammy Kren­shaw’s are $10 in ad­vanced ($15 on the night) with tickets avail­able at sammy’s, bell store till­son­burg, and on­line at the event is all ages, li­censed, and will fea­tures lo­cal artists and co­me­di­ans to be an­nounced.

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