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you’ve prob­a­bly seen the ‘?’ mark lawn signs around town. Have they made you think about your life?

are you want­ing more but don’t know where to turn? are you try­ing to fill a void in your life but don’t know how? booze? ‘recre­ational’ drugs? shoe fetish? Couch potato? does your life seem like a big rut you might be stuck in for­ever? you thought your life was go­ing to be so dif­fer­ent and ex­cit­ing and you might change the world - what hap­pened? life hap­pened.

peo­ple to­day search to fill the void, and when they re­al­ize that adrenaline rush from the ex­treme sport or shop­ping pur­chase doesn’t last, they some­time won­der if look­ing into a re­li­gion will help. they will of­ten check out the more ex­otic ones they know lit­tle about, all of which are filled with wis­dom. there may be one that will fill their needs. oth­ers want some­thing that will give the some­thing a lit­tle more su­per­nat­u­ral, some­thing with a bit of kick to it. per­haps that is why so many shows about evil su­per­nat­u­ral forces are so pop­u­lar on tele­vi­sion to­day.

What about Chris­tian­ity? it is the faith that our coun­try was founded on and pro­vided the moral guide­lines for our so­cial and per­sonal lives. it has been around for over 2,000 years pro­vid­ing the com­fort, ful­fill­ment and peace that peo­ple crave. not enough? Chris­tian­ity too bor­ing and stodgy for you? you don’t want to sit in a church singing songs that are 200 years old? We are not ask­ing you to.

What was it all about in the first place? Here’s the ab­bre­vi­ated lau­rel’s notes ver­sion. the lit­tle baby Je­sus who has his birth­day ev­ery Christ­mas grew up. He pushed love and peace. He per­formed mir­a­cles, heal­ing the lame, blind and demon pos­sessed. He taught his fol­low­ers that if they strove to do good to ev­ery­one, for­gave their en­e­mies, fol­lowed the ten Com­mand­ments, and ac­cepted god, His fa­ther, in their lives could do the same.

Je­sus was mur­dered for you. say what? they could per­form mir­a­cles? no and yes. if you al­low god and Je­sus in your heart and more im­por­tantly your life, they will work through you to per­form mir­a­cles. you have to come to learn the mur­der mys­tery part, how bor­ing does that sound?

it is pretty cool al­low­ing god’s pres­ence in your life. you have to change your per­cep­tion from what we can see, hear and touch to feel to a whole new realm - the spir­i­tual world. With god it is a realm of peace and com­fort and love. stress ebbs away. blood pres­sure comes down and you smile and feel con­tented with life, be­cause you now have filled the void filled and if you keep the faith you es­tab­lish with god, you will con­tinue in that peace.

no, your prob­lems don’t go away. they are a nor­mal part of life, but you can han­dle them bet­ter and while go­ing through them you will grow stronger in­stead of be­ing beaten down by them.

all my read­ers know my pas­sion for al­pha. mom made me take it a cou­ple of decades ago and it changed my life. al­pha teaches you how to make con­tact with god, learn about Je­sus and how you can change your life.

do you re­al­ize how many chil­dren to­day have never gone to sun­day school? How many of their par­ents have never gone to church? our world has turned into a me world. ev­ery­one wants peace in the world but they don’t re­al­ize it starts in­side them.

the al­pha Course has touched the lives of about 30 mil­lion peo­ple and there is a global ini­tia­tive on right now. that is why there are ques­tion mark signs about town. six lo­cal churches have come to­gether to or­ga­nized al­pha Course on dif­fer­ent days of the week, mak­ing it more con­ve­nient for you to take the course. it is the same course at each church no mat­ter the dom­i­na­tion, be­cause it doesn’t deal with the lit­tle dif­fer­ences be­tween us, it deals with the ba­sics. you don’t have to ‘go to church’ when the course is done. pick a time and day that is con­ve­nient and come to our in­tro­duc­tion ses­sion and see if al­pha might help you. or in­vite and friend or fam­ily mem­ber who will ben­e­fit with peace in their lives, and es­cort them to the first one. We will take it from there, if they are ready to try the course.

start­ing sept. 19, tues­days 7-9 p.m. at st. an­drew’s pres­by­te­rian Church con­tact paul (519) 550-6767.

start­ing sept. 20, Wed­nes­days 6-8 p.m. at bethel Church - con­tact brent (519) 842-9401.

start­ing sept. 21, thurs­day 12-2:30 p.m. at st. John’s angli­can Church con­tact lau­rel (519) 842-9416.

thurs­day 3:30-5:30 p.m. at up­per deck youth Cen­tre - youth al­pha con­tact Julie (519) 688-2266.

thurs­day 6-9 p.m. at the Car­riage Hall with First bap­tist Church - con­tact Jan­ice (519) 842-6543.

the sixth course at the Chris­tian re­formed Church started in au­gust. Check out www.al­pha­canada.org and please call 519 842 9416 to ask ques­tions.

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