Nyt’s anony­mous oped was act of pa­tri­o­tism

Tillsonburg News - - OPINION - Andrew Co­hen is a jour­nal­ist, pro­fes­sor and au­thor

but these are ex­tra­or­di­nary cir­cum­stances. people in the ad­min­is­tra­tion, many of whom joined it em­brac­ing trump’s in­sur­gent con­ser­vatism, are now ap­palled by his man­ner and meth­ods. they see a threat to the repub­lic. as au­thor bob wood­ward warns, hav­ing doc­u­mented this pres­i­dency in 400 pages, “people bet­ter wake up” to the dan­ger in the white house.

in­sid­ers have a choice: to re­sign or to re­main. in re­sign­ing, they might tell their story, pro­vide ev­i­dence of in­ep­ti­tude, cor­rup­tion or amoral­ity, build a pub­lic case, take it to Congress. they would have their mo­ment of fame, be­come a tar­get of with­er­ing at­tacks on Fox news, and their in­flu­ence would end.

or they can re­main. they can try, in their way, ev­ery day, to con­tain the power of a reck­less, im­pul­sive and ig­no­rant chief ex­ec­u­tive. these are amer­ica’s un­der­ground, and we should ap­plaud them.

this as­sumes, of course, that the au­thor is real, his or her po­si­tion is ver­i­fi­able and the case is cred­i­ble. the times in­sists it is, and while the news­pa­per is not beyond mak­ing a mis­take, i trust its judg­ment here.

the writer, then, has done a great na­tional ser­vice. this isn’t cowardice but courage: some­one who is tak­ing a grave risk — to job and rep­u­ta­tion — to serve the na­tion.

will this em­bolden and en­flame trump? yes, but if it were not this, it would be some­thing else. will it strengthen his hand? maybe, but his pop­u­lar­ity is fall­ing be­low 40 per cent un­der the im­pact of John mcCain’s death, the Co­hen and manafort cases and wood­ward’s book. which may rep­re­sent a wa­ter­shed.

the re­sis­tance gath­ers force. it has moved in­side. this commentary opens an­other the­atre in a strug­gle to con­strain trump, by elect­ing a demo­cratic Congress that will stymie his leg­is­la­tion, launch in­ves­ti­ga­tions and per­haps impeach. amid the chaos, let us cheer amer­ica’s new mu­ti­neers and min­ute­men.

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