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Our Fe­bru­ary cover story about Toronto cou­ples who met and fell in love the old-fash­ioned way (i.e., not via Tin­der, Grindr, Bum­ble or Happn) elicited many an “OMG cute!!” and “Why aren’t we in this?”

“The be­gin­ning of a truly Toronto love story (via @toron­to­life). ‘Daniel: One night, I was head­ing home on the Vomit Comet. I was drift­ing in and out of sleep for the whole ride….’ ”

—@mattgal­loway­cbc, Twit­ter

“Re­mem­ber: if the peo­ple fea­tured in Toronto Life’s cover story man­aged to meet their part­ners on the Vomit Comet, or in their Uber Pools, you too can find love, I as­sure my­self in­sis­tently.”

—@MegjonesA, Twit­ter

“LOVE IS REAL IN TORONTO AND I’M ALL FOR IT. I’m smit­ten and cry­ing and don’t care. I eat this shit up and one day, I’ll be telling my courtship story!!!”

—@Hi_Denise, Twit­ter

Which is not to say some read­ers weren’t an­noyed by what they deemed sins of omis­sion.

“Though you’d never know it from read­ing Toronto Life, there ac­tu­ally are peo­ple over 60 in

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