Five robots to watch

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Roughly 19 bots have en­tered this Septem­ber’s inau­gu­ral brawl. Here are five fron­trun­ners hop­ing to cinch the tour­na­ment tro­phy and live to fight another round. Grand River Ex­press Team: Ge­n­e­sis Class: 150-pound Clever Class

Weapon: Two pneu­matic lifters ca­pa­ble of lift­ing 250 pounds each. Mount­ing on the front and back of the ro­bot so G.R.E. can at­tack from any di­rec­tion.

Spe­cial Abil­ity: Two pneu­matic shift­ing gear­boxes pro­vide high speed to get around op­po­nents, but low speed to push them around for to­tal sumo dom­i­na­tion.

Spe­cial Move: Top se­cret The Pusher Team: Ro­bot Mafia Class: 150-pound Clever Class

Weapon: Steel Jaws with 1,000pound crush­ing force Spe­cial Abil­ity: Push­ing power sta­bi­lized by 4,130 chro­moly steel tube frames and 12-inch solid foam tires.

Spe­cial Move: Grab and Drag Lug Tread Team: Mass­care Ro­bot­ics Class: 30-pound Hobby Class

Weapons: Curved hard­ened steel wedges that al­low Lug Tread to cram it­self un­der­neath its op­po­nent to toss them out of the arena.

Spe­cial Abil­ity: Agility. This bot’s small chas­sis cou­pled with a 2horse­power drive makes it ex­tremely fast and ag­ile.

Spe­cial Move: “The Flip.” Utiliz­ing both power and speed, Lug Tread can wedge it­self un­der­neath its op­po­nent to toss it out of the arena. Gi­garange Team: Ro­bot Mafia Class: 30-pound Hobby Class Weapon: Elec­tric four-bar lift­ing arm

Spe­cial Abil­ity: Gi­garange is able to drive while up­side-down.

Spe­cial Move: Ram Roach Team: All Black Ro­bot­ics Class: 150-pound Clever Class Weapon: Pow­er­ful 270-de­gree arm

Spe­cial Abil­ity: Self-right­ing mech­a­nism if flipped over.

Spe­cial Move: “Body Slam”

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