Five strange apps for your love life that re­ally shouldn’t ex­ist, but do


I hear about a lot of apps aim­ing to im­prove a hy­po­thet­i­cal sin­gle per­son’s love life. Not just dat­ing apps, but apps to aid your dat­ing-app ac­tiv­ity and even help you get en­gaged.

Some of the new apps out there might be worth­while. But here are a few I’ve come across that seem un­nec­es­sary or down­right silly.

In com­par­i­son, Tin­der might even look en­tic­ing.

1. WhoNow

The app’s pitch: “WhoNow helps daters share pho­tos and sto­ries about the peo­ple they are dat­ing in a fast and pri­vate app. We help peo­ple to keep their dat­ing life off so­cial me­dia and only show their real friends WHO they are dat­ing NOW. WhoNow elim­i­nates repet­i­tive con­ver­sa­tions and un­timely an­noy­ing group text.”

But it ap­pears to be an app for just that — group-tex­ting about your lat­est date, fling or friend with ben­e­fits. Be­sides be­ing a touch creepy, this app takes over­think­ing to the max. Why not make your own de­ci­sions about your new per­son, when you can crowd­source ev­ery­one’s opin­ion about his shirt, the text he sent last night or where you’re go­ing to din­ner Satur­day?

This app re­minds me of Wash­ing­ton Post con­trib­u­tor Darby Ba­ham’s sage ad­vice: When mak­ing up your mind about a love in­ter­est, some­times it’s best to ig­nore your friends.

2. Flyp

This app gen­er­ates fake phone num­bers that for­ward calls to your real phone num­ber, for all your con­ver­sa­tions with prospects. The app’s pitch: “With Flyp . . . daters can keep their per­sonal phone num­ber pri­vate. Users can give their new con­nec­tions a Flyp phone num­ber and even choose to delete them if they de­cide that they aren’t in­ter­ested in pur­su­ing that re­la­tion­ship any fur­ther.”

3. Sal­adMatch

What’s sad­der than eat­ing a sad desk salad? Go­ing on a dat­ing app specif­i­cally to find a stranger with whom to eat a salad. This is Sal­adMatch’s mis­sion. Tag line: Find you salad soul mate. The app’s pitch: “Just Salad, a healthy NYC based restau­rant con­cept rec­og­nized for its so­cially re­spon­si­ble re­us­able bowls, healthy menu, and vast ar­ray of unique and tasty top­pings, re­al­ized that their cus­tomers re­ally hit it off while wait­ing in line.

Just Salad then cre­ated Sal­adMatch to help sin­gle cus­tomers meet their mates. Sal­adMatch matches you with fel­low Just Salad cus­tomers based on your pref­er­ences, in­clud­ing your favourite salad type and your reg­u­lar Just Salad lo­ca­tion.”

Be­cause the key to love is find­ing some­one who also loves mas­saged kale with goat cheese? Se­ri­ously, though. If you’re look­ing for a lunch date near your of­fice, try Happn. That app matches peo­ple who are al­ready in each other’s daily or­bits, her­bi­vores and om­ni­vores alike.

4. BeLinked

The app’s pitch: “BeLinked is the first dat­ing app to lever­age the LinkedIn plat­form, help­ing as­sure its mem­bers that pro­files are true and au­then­tic by pro­vid­ing a ser­vice to con­nect ca­reer-driven pro­fes­sion­als. BeLinked em­pow­ers the dat­ing ex­pe­ri­ence by of­fer­ing higher qual­ity matches fil­tered through LinkedIn’s net­work.”

I’m all for ver­i­fy­ing dates’ true iden­ti­ties, but aren’t dates al­ready too sim­i­lar to job in­ter­views? Isn’t LinkedIn awk­ward enough? Hard pass.

5. Rev­erie

Rev­erie’s trailer is price­less. Her: “I’ve al­ways dreamt he’d sur­prise me with the per­fect ring!” Him: “I want to sur­prise her with the per­fect ring!”

Here’s how to “sur­prise” her: she goes on Rev­erie and cre­ates an en­gage­ment ring pro­file, then shares it with her sweetie as not-so-sub­tle hint. It’s Pin­ter­est meets Buz­zFeed per­son­al­ity quiz!

Be­cause, you know, you wouldn’t want to talk to your sig­nif­i­cant other about what cuts and stones you love or hate.

That’d be more awk­ward than look­ing for a date on LinkedIn.


Dat­ing app Sal­adMatch aims to “find your salad soul mate.”

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