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Re Po­lice union raises con­cerns about new chap­lain, Nov. 1

As a Mus­lim grand­mother I fail to un­der­stand how Musleh Khan, the newly ap­pointed po­lice ser­vices’ chap­lain, can­not see that his words de­pict Mus­lim women as lesser than Mus­lim men. How else should one in­ter­pret his view that a wo­man must be “obe­di­ent” to her hus­band at all times? At all times?

All cor­rec­tional ser­vices in Canada face se­ri­ous chal­lenges in how to deal with the cul­tural, re­li­gious, his­tor­i­cal, etc., tra­di­tions that shape their in­mates. But, to al­low one, whose views are so ob­vi­ously out of sync with those of Canada’s prime min­is­ter, to work as a chap­lain makes no sense at all. Per­haps Mr. Khan should be re­minded that this is 2016! Fa­tima Ebrahim, Thorn­hill

I am a Mus­lim wo­man, a pro­fes­sional, a wife and a mother. Once again, Is­lam is mis­con­strued and mis­un­der­stood in the lan­guage used verses the way it is widely prac­ticed by its ad­her­ents. Musleh Khan is not a sup­porter of the mis­treat­ment of women. Rather, he fights for their digni- ty and re­spect and that is widely known among his com­mu­nity.

The words “obe­di­ent” and “per­mis­sion” are poor trans­la­tion choices since vir­tu­ally all the Mus­lim women I know don’t need to ask per­mis­sion to leave and are never told to be obe­di­ent by their hus­bands. Rather, a Mus­lim mar­riage is founded on mu­tual re­spect and trust, enough so that no one needs to force any­one to do any­thing. It is based on two con­sent­ing adults who love each other enough to ne­go­ti­ate life’s chal­lenges with mercy and com­pas­sion.

Shaykh Musleh has a lot to of­fer the chap­laincy pro­gram in de­fence of women. Let’s not jump to crazy con­clu­sions on com­ments taken out of con­text. Api Are­fin, Scar­bor­ough

With val­ues like these, he should not be­come a mem­ber of the Toronto po­lice ser­vices union and cer­tainly not act in any sit­u­a­tion with the pub­lic. Stephen Liard, Toronto

Po­lice ser­vices union, meet your new chap­lain: Father Fred Flint­stone. Ed­ward P. Swynar, New­cas­tle

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