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Well, An­dre Marin, I am deeply con­cerned with your com­ments about Jus­tice Ka­vanaugh! (“Ka­vanaugh a man child,” Oct. 7) I al­ways thought you were a fair minded per­son, but af­ter this ar­ti­cle I have changed my mind! This is com­ing from a woman who is very up­set about what is hap­pen­ing to the “pre­sump­tion of in­no­cence” and our democ­racy! I am not speak­ing from a lib­eral or con­ser­va­tive point of view, but a very scared woman to see what is hap­pen­ing in our world to­day. Can you for one minute put your­self in a per­son’s po­si­tion that is be­ing at­tacked by un­fair ac­cu­sa­tions from un­proven facts. To be called evil and have ac­cu­sa­tions of drug­ging and gang rapes, etc. with­out any ev­i­dence is too much for this per­son to ac­cept! Then to read your ar­ti­cle even scares me more. Put your­self in this man’s po­si­tion and take a minute to think about what you are writ­ing! If you can’t un­der­stand why he was show­ing a de­fen­sive at­ti­tude, then ‘shame on you!’ FRANCES LEFEBVRE

BARRIE (Hard to imag­ine Ka­vanaugh not get­ting his due process)


Re “The ‘fix’ isn’t in” (Lorrie Gold­stein, Oct. 7): I’ve said it be­fore and I’m afraid I have to say it again: Mr. Gold­stein, you’re writ­ing for the wrong news­pa­per. The first words out of your mouth re­gard­ing Premier Ford’s down­siz­ing were “it’s not go­ing to work.” I sure hope you’re wrong, but don’t you think we should at least wait and see, it just may in­deed work. And if it doesn’t, the whin­ing left-wing loons who still re­main on coun­cil will un­doubt­edly con­tinue to keep this city in a per­pet­u­ally dys­func­tional state. If the down­town NDP ca­bal put as much en­ergy into fix­ing the ma­jor is­sues fac­ing our city as they did fight­ing the down­siz­ing, we just might have a coun­cil that works. Write what you will, Mr. Gold­stein, but at least Premier Ford had the guts to do some­thing other than study, de­bate and de­fer on the tax­payer’s dime. It’s ob­vi­ous to me that when it comes to the premier, your glass is al­ways go­ing to be half empty, I’m go­ing to keep mine half full.

WAYNE FRASER TORONTO IS­LAND (Let’s judge this move in four years time and see who was right)


Re “Not a bad week to be a heinous killer in Canada” (Mark Bonokoski, Oct. 7): I didn’t vote for Justin Trudeau and so far he has shown both Canada and the world just why no one should have cho­sen him as leader, let alone prime min­is­ter. But this cow­ardly run­ning away from the gen­tle treat­ment af­forded the heinous mon­ster who took lit­tle Tori Stafford’s life goes beyond the pale. How hard would it have been to take five min­utes from your busy sched­ule, prime min­is­ter, to look Tori’s fa­ther in the eye and tell him that all of Canada weeps for him and this in­jus­tice? In­stead you ran away, like the cow­ard you are. Maybe you should just have kept on run­ning so that this in­no­cent lit­tle soul might fi­nally rest in peace. God bless her pure, un­blem­ished soul. Mr. Trudeau, I don’t know how you sleep at night. BARBARA SANTAMARIA

THORNHILL (And his gov­ern­ment’s re­sponse to this ap­palling move was in­suf­fi­cient)


Re “Nailed it, Gold­stein!” (Let­ters to the Ed­i­tor, Sept. 26): Your vote for Lorrie Gold­stein for premier is an ex­cel­lent choice. Now I would cast my vote for Sue-Ann Levy for mayor. I find she is as knowl­edge­able, if not more so, than many mem­bers of Toronto coun­cil. The Sun is so lucky to have th­ese two in­tel­li­gent, well-in­formed jour­nal­ists/colum­nists/writ­ers on your staff. STELLA MAZZACATO

MIS­SIS­SAUGA (Yes we are and thank you for read­ing!)


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