1945-46 Stu­dents to the left of them, stu­dents to the right of them:

Trek Magazine - - Late Return -

UBC had never seen so many stu­dents: 5,200 showed up in Septem­ber, and another 1,200 (mostly ex-ser­vice­men) ar­rived in Jan­uary. The Li­brary was crowded, the buses were crowded, ev­ery­thing was crowded.

One of the down­town pa­pers wrote a piece about the sup­posed di­vi­sion be­tween the more ma­ture re­turn­ing ser­vice­men and the younger “bobby-sox­ers.” The Ubyssey ran an ar­ti­cle de­rid­ing the idea, but felt com­pelled to re­vert to the topic more than once, so there may have been some­thing to it.

Founded in the fall with the slo­gan, “Come and make an ace of your­self,” the Jok­ers tried to liven up cam­pus with their off­beat brand of hu­mour. Mem­bers, all of whom were vice-pres­i­dents of the club, walked around car­ry­ing yo-yos. They or­ga­nized gold­fish swal­low­ing con­tests to raise money for the new gym, along with a car­ni­val, an egg auc­tion in which stu­dents could buy eggs to hurl at one of the Jok­ers, and a roller-skat­ing marathon for which the slo­gan was: “Break a Limb! Sup­port the Gym!”

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