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Trek Magazine - - Editor's Note -

The cover im­age is a va­ca­tion poster from the Ex­o­planet Travel Bureau. The poster and the bureau are fic­tional but the des­ti­na­tion is real. Ke­pler-186f is the first Earth-sized planet dis­cov­ered in the “Hab­it­able Zone” around an­other star, where liq­uid wa­ter oceans could ex­ist on the planet’s sur­face. Its star is much cooler and hence redder than our Sun. If plant life grows on Ke­pler-186f, pho­to­syn­the­sis there may have adapted to red “sun­shine,” pro­duc­ing a colour pal­ette that’s dif­fer­ent from the gar­den greens of Earth. Ke­pler 186f is one of thou­sands of plan­ets dis­cov­ered in the last three decades. UBC as­tronomer Jaymie Matthews shares this story of cos­mic dis­cov­ery in his ar­ti­cle “Set­ting sights on alien oceans” on page 12.

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