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On so­cial me­dia, re­ac­tion to the Shel­burne County in­ves­ti­ga­tion and charges ranged from peo­ple say­ing it was a good thing to oth­ers say­ing it was a waste of RCMP re­sources.

Here’s a sam­pling of peo­ple’s thoughts on Face­book:

• “Ev­ery­thing in this pic­ture is harm­less and about to be sold by the NS gov­ern­ment, but it’s such a crime if any­one else might be able to make a dol­lar off of it and help peo­ple out at the same time.”

• “There are big­ger crimes and prob­lems in our com­mu­ni­ties that need more at­ten­tion and mar­i­juana isn’t one of them. What a waste of tax­pay­ers’ money and po­lice re­sources.”

• “Waste of gov­ern­ment re­sources. If this was all co­caine and hard drugs I’d be very im­pressed to see it off the streets, but this? Cook­ies?”

• “I think this is good, how­ever, I’m won­der­ing why th­ese places are be­ing raided just be­fore it be­comes le­gal. It seems the gov­ern­ment wants to make all the money. Le­gal­iza­tion is go­ing to be bad for ev­ery­one and a big headache.”

• “Rather than waste tax­pay­ers’ money pick­ing on a poor man sell­ing weed and do­ing no harm, why not go get the peo­ple sell­ing coke.”

• “Job well done. All other busi­nesses have to pay taxes and li­cences to op­er­ate, not mat­ter what they sell. Great job keep­ing this out of the hands of those not le­gal or of age to have it.”

• “While many of you think mar­i­juana is harm­less, it is ac­tu­ally a gateway drug. And while many of you also think th­ese peo­ple were do­ing no harm, they were also do­ing no good for the world.”

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