Minia­ture flotilla at­ten­tion get­ter in Lock­e­port


From a sea kayak to the Edmund Fitzger­ald, a minia­ture flotilla of more than 30 ves­sels in Lock­e­port’s Lit­tle Big Har­bour at­tracts a lot of at­ten­tion from passers-by.

“I meet peo­ple from all over the world,” says Floyd Ste­wart, who started mak­ing the tiny ves­sels about 25 years ago.

“I’ve prob­a­bly made a cou­ple of hun­dred over the years,” he says. “Over the years I’ve lost some. Last year I had around 56 or 57. This year I think there’s 33. The lit­tle Cape Is­lan­der, that’s the last I one made.”

The Lit­tle Cape Is­lan­der floats nearby Theodore Tug­boat. The Bea­tles’ yel­low sub­ma­rine, freighters, fish­ing drag­gers, one named af­ter an old girl­friend, sail­boats, even an oil rig, float about in the tiny har­bour.

Ste­wart makes the ves­sels out of Sty­ro­foam.

“They’re easy to make but it takes a lot of time mak­ing them,” he says. “The Fitzger­ald I was about a week mak­ing that. I try to get the de­tails as much as I can to look re­al­is­tic.”

A re­tired car­pen­ter, Ste­wart tends to his tiny fleet ev­ery year, bring­ing them ashore in the fall.

“When­ever the tourists quit stop­ping by, I take them in,” he says.

“Some­times I think about giv­ing it up,” he says, but from the look of joy on his face as he watches the ves­sels grace­fully float around that’s not likely to hap­pen any­time soon.


Floyd Ste­wart talks about his minia­ture boats.


Floyd Ste­wart waves from his small wharf at Lock­e­port’s Lit­tle Big Har­bour where his flotilla of more than 30 minia­ture ves­sels are dis­played.


Theodore Tug­boat floats near the Lit­tle Cape Is­lan­der in Floyd Ste­wart’s flotilla of more than 30 minia­ture ves­sels.

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