Ban­tam AA Yar­mouth Mariners win gold

Team goes un­de­feated at Bluenose In­vi­ta­tional Tour­na­ment in Amherst

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The Wade’s Wire Traps Ban­tam AA Yar­mouth Mariners went un­de­feated on the Oct. 26-28 week­end to win the Bluenose In­vi­ta­tional Tour­na­ment in Amherst.

In Game #1 on the Fri­day night, Yar­mouth came out ready to play. The Mariners beat the Cum­ber­land Ram­blers 11-1. Or­ren Hat­field had a hat-trick, while Con­nor Prouty and Owen Fitzger­ald each had two goals and an as­sist. Spencer Surette and Owen Pen­ney each had a goal and an as­sist. Cameron Kerr and Alex Barr scored with as­sists go­ing to Ja­cob Matthews (2), Jaden Kerr & Michel Comeau. Ja­cob At­wood was in net for the win and was cho­sen as Player of the Game.

Yar­mouth’s first game of the day on the Satur­day was against the Pictou County Crush­ers. Izaac De­veau was in net for the 4-2 win. Goal scor­ers were Spencer Surette, Michel Comeau, Or­ren Hat­field, and Alex Barr. As­sists went to Con­nor Prouty, Cameron Kerr, Spencer Surette, and Or­ren Hat­field. Player of the game was Or­ren Hat­field.

Later in the day, Yar­mouth went on to clinch first place in their di­vi­sion by beat­ing the Syd­ney Steelers 5-2 with Ja­cob At­wood in net. Or­ren Hat­field, Spencer Surette, Jaden Kerr, Michel Comeau, and Jory Ste­wart put the puck in the net while Cameron Brown, Alex Barr, Owen Pen­ney, Krew Good­win, and Ben Le­Blanc pro­vided some as­sis­tance. Player of the game went to Michel Comeau.

On the Sun­day morn­ing Yar­mouth came out vic­to­ri­ous in the cross­over game against Truro Bearcats by a score of 7-0. Player of the game went to Izaac De­veau who recorded his first shutout of the sea­son. Goals were scored by Or­ren Hat­field (2), Con­nor Prouty, Alex Barr, Jory Ste­wart, Cameron Kerr, and Owen Fitzger­ald. As­sists went to Spencer Surette (3), while Con­nor Prouty, Cameron Kerr, and Cameron Brown each had one.

The win in the morn­ing ad­vanced Yar­mouth to the cham­pi­onship game where they once again faced the Pictou County Crush­ers. Play­ing hard and smart from the start, Yar­mouth won the gold medal game 7 - 0. Con­nor Prouty, Jaden Kerr, Or­ren Hat­field, Owen Fitzger­ald, Jory Ste­wart, Owen Pen­ney, and Cameron Kerr scored for Yar­mouth. As­sists went to Jory Ste­wart and Michel Comeau with two each; and sin­gles went to Jaden Kerr, Con­nor Prouty, Owen Fitzger­ald, Cameron Kerr, Owen Pen­ney, Ben Le­Blanc, and Sea­mus d’En­tremont. Izaac De­veau stopped 21 shots for his sec­ond shutout and Owen Fitzger­ald was named player of the game.

The team is coached by Nick Bourque, Dy­lan Jeddry, Josh Foote, and Bran­don Trask.

The team had this past week­end off. Play re­sumes for the Wade’s Wire Traps Ban­tam AA Yar­mouth Mariners on Nov. 10 when they host the Pictou County Weeks Crush­ers for two games over the week­end.


The Wade’s Wire Traps Ban­tam AA Yar­mouth Mariners won gold at the Bluenose In­vi­ta­tional Tour­na­ment in Amherst.

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