Tips for Pack­ing Your Bike for Travel

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bike travel tips

Pack­ing Your Bike Tara Nor­ton teaches you how to pack your bike box in 10 help­ful steps

1.Type of case: Choose ei­ther a hard or a soft case ( both work). Some peo­ple feel more com­fort­able with the “bul­let­proof” pro­tec­tion of the hard cases while oth­ers pre­fer to use a soft case be­cause they be­lieve they are han­dled with more care by bag­gage han­dlers. Re­gard­less, you’ve spent a lot of money on your bike, so pro­tect your in­vest­ment. Don’t sim­ply pur­chase a big bag or use a large card­board box to save money, buy or rent a good one. Con­sider one with four wheels in­stead of two for easy air­port han­dling. Don’t start dis­man­tling your bike last minute – it al­ways takes a lit­tle bit longer than you think. Wear la­tex or rub­ber gloves when dis­man­tling your bike to keep your hands clean. Put a cou­ple pairs of ex­tra gloves in your bike bag for as­sem­bly once at your des­ti­na­tion and for dis­man­tling your bike again to come home.

4.Ped­als: Re­move ped­als be­fore tak­ing the wheels off the bike. Re­mem­ber to “back off.” Both ped­als are re­moved by turn­ing the ped­als back­wards (the stan­dard rule of “righty tighty” and “lefty loosey” does not ap­ply to ped­als. In­vest in a pedal wrench or pedal Allen key that has a long lever – this makes it much eas­ier to re­move the ped­als. Ap­ply a small amount of lube to your pedal threads when re-in­stalling your ped­als to en­sure they are easy to re­move again the next time around.

and wrap it in a Place a towel or soft cloth­ing be­tween the frame and ro­tated han­dle­bars (make sure there are no hard sur­faces touch­ing each other) to pre­vent your frame from getting scratched or dam­aged.

Don’t for­get to put travel skew­ers in the front and rear drop outs to pro­tect the fork and rear seat­stays and chain­stays.

7. 8. 9.Don’t travel with CO2 car­tridges. Do your best to pre­vent cus­toms of­fi­cials from open­ing your bike bag and mess­ing with your per­fect pack­ing job. Wheels: Re­move some air from your tires. If you have deep dish wheels, pack a long pin (or what­ever you use to re­move air) for when you have to pack your bike up for the re­turn trip. If you have a disc wheel, don’t for­get your adapter to inf late the tire.

10.Take ad­van­tage of some ex­tra space in your bike bag and pack items that won’t dam­age your bike like your hel­met, race run­ning shoes, cloth­ing, and race day nu­tri­tion.

Re­mov­ing/reat­tach­ing aero bars Wrap the de­tached rear de­railleur with a towel for pro­tec­tion by Tara Nor­ton Pro­tect the chain­ring

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