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Sage Roun­tree’s Ever­day Yoga is clear in its ob­jec­tives right from the first chap­ter, which states that it is not a how-to book, but a what-to book. Ev­ery­day Yoga is not meant to in­tro­duce yoga prac­tice to some­one who has never prac­ticed be­fore, but rather an aid for those who have some ex­pe­ri­ence and are look­ing for help in for­mu­lat­ing their own home prac­tice. Yoga can be very ben­e­fi­cial to triath­letes be­cause of its restora­tive at­tributes and abil­ity to hone body aware­ness.

Roun­tree chose to weave a metaphor of eat­ing through­out the book. Mod­i­fi­ca­tions that lower the in­ten­sity of pos­tures are de­scribed as “sweet­en­ers,” with op­tions that in­crease the in­ten­sity of pos­tures are “spicy.” The food metaphor does get a lit­tle gig­gle wor­thy to­wards the end, for ex­am­ple, when corpse pose (more com­monly known as savasana) is de­scribed as “the truf­fle af­ter a sat­is­fy­ing meal.”

The align­ment ad­vice is solid and un­der­stand­able, which is good, be­cause im­proper body po­si­tion­ing is not some­thing you want to fool around with, es­pe­cially dur­ing home prac­tice, when there isn’t a teacher to no­tice and of­fer mod­i­fi­ca­tions. Un­like in a prac­tice with a trained and ex­pe­ri­enced teacher though, you won’t find any San­skrit or phi­los­o­phy dropped in Roun­tree’s book, but rather a more out­lined and for­mu­laic ap­proach.

The ad­vice that for best re­sults (in the case of triath­letes, in­jury preven­tion, stress re­lief and mo­bil­ity in­crease), one should move the spine in six di­rec­tions, the hips in four and the core in two, is one that most teach­ers use to guide the jour­ney of their classes.

Pared down to rou­tines like of­fice, park­ing lot and home yoga that can be as short as two min­utes, Roun­tree cer­tainly de­liv­ers on a bite-sized por­tion of what yoga has to of­fer, per­fect for the triath­letes taste-test­ing their yo­gic op­tions. With busy train­ing sched­ules al­ready packed with swimming, bik­ing and run­ning, Ev­ery­day Yoga of­fers an ac­ces­si­ble ap­proach to those un­able to make it to a yoga class dur­ing the week.–

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