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From a mus­cu­lar per­spec­tive, snow­shoe­ing is very sim­i­lar to run­ning. On flat­ter ter­rain with hard-packed con­di­tions, your run gait can re­main in­tact, per­haps with a few small ad­just­ments. The ground con­tact time may be a bit longer in snow vs run­ning shoes, like run­ning in softer, sandier con­di­tions but your body adapts and ad­justs to that quickly. The larger mus­cle groups that are ac­ti­vated when you run.

20 min­utes easy snow­shoe run­ning/hik­ing to the base of an ap­pro­pri­ate length hill 10 x (30 sec­onds strong/fast up­hill snow­shoe run, 2 min­utes easy re­cov­ery walk/jog back down the start­ing point)

15 min­utes easy The work-to-rest ra­tio on this set is large on pur­pose. The to­tal work­load is only five min­utes but if you do th­ese hard enough you will be glad when they are fin­ished. You should make it to a sim­i­lar spot up the hill with each in­ter­val. This work­out is easy to scale. If you are not ready for 10 of th­ese, sim­ply cut it in half or any frac­tion thereof.

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