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The rea­sons I hes­i­tate to uti­lize this kind of train­ing is that I find the gains in fit­ness tend to di­min­ish back to the pre-fo­cus lev­els upon re­turn­ing to nor­mal train­ing. There is also a risk of in­jury if the in­crease in work­load is too dra­matic, or main­tained for too long. This can be mit­i­gated by keep­ing the fo­cus pe­riod short, then al­low­ing for adap­ta­tion, then per­haps re­peat­ing the fo­cus. So when should a com­peti­tor com­mit to a short fo­cus pe­riod? The an­swer is sim­ple – when tech­ni­cal gains can be made, or the ath­lete’s sit­u­a­tion dic­tates that one or two of the dis­ci­plines aren’t pos­si­ble or avail­able. A good ex­am­ple of this is when you find your­self on a va­ca­tion where cy­cling and swim­ming are a chal­lenge, but run­ning is read­ily avail­able. A run fo­cus is all that’s left to you, but you had bet­ter do it wisely or, again, in­jury is a risk.

So the ath­lete has gone from swim­ming three times a week to five times a week and the vol­ume has gone from 10,000 to al­most 14,000 m. That’s a big in­crease, but with­out a lot of in­ten­sity added. With ad­di­tional rest from re­duc­ing time bik­ing and run­ning, it should be man­age­able.

In the sec­ond of four weeks, an ad­di­tional, short aer­o­bic ses­sion could be added to Day 7. Fo­cus on the new tech­ni­cal queues you should be learn­ing. Your weekly to­tal will now be near 16,000 m.

In the third week add 10 per cent to each ses­sion in terms of both vol­ume and in­ten­sity. Your to­tal will now be clost to 17,500 m or more.

In the fourth week add an­other 10 per cent in vol­ume and in­ten­sity. That should put you over 19,000 m. Al­most dou­ble what you started at.

Fol­low this up with a fifth week where you re­turn to 10,000 me­tres, then try to main­tain 12,000 to 14,000 m go­ing for­ward.

Main­tain­ing strength and fit­ness is eas­ier than gain­ing it. If you can main­tain a slightly higher work­load than you were do­ing prior to the fo­cus, you should find that you will be able to hold onto some of the fit­ness gains you have made dur­ing your fo­cus.

But, more im­por­tantly, the tech­ni­cal gains you make – the im­prove­ments to your stroke – should stay with you for your ath­letic life.

Clint Lien is a se­nior coach with Mer­cury Ris­ing Triathlon. mer­curyris­ing­

Thanks to a com­bi­na­tion of the same ma­te­rial you saw used in the Olympic swim­suits worn by a num­ber of athletes in Rio and a com­pres­sion de­sign that keeps you stream­lined through the wa­ter, Arena’s Car­bon Tri Suit is a per­fect op­tion for non-wet­suit swims where you are look­ing for an edge. The min­i­mal chamois pro­vides lots of sup­port and com­fort on the bike, but isn’t too much to re­strict you once you’re out on the run course. The com­pres­sion built into this suit feels great dur­ing all three legs of the race. It might be an ex­pen­sive suit, but for those look­ing to push to the limit – es­pe­cially in a draft-le­gal race where sec­onds can make all the dif­fer­ence – the Car­bon Tri is worth a look.

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