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KICK YOUR SWIM­MING game up a notch this year with Huub’s kick­pant, a great pool tool that sim­u­lates the feel­ing of a wet­suit to get you swim­ming as if you’re in open wa­ter while also im­prov­ing your leg kick and stroke tech­nique.

This ¾-length, high-den­sity neo­prene pant has a mod­u­lus in­ser­tion over the knee to ac­tively con­trol its bend dur­ing kick­ing, to pro­mote a straighter leg kick ac­tion. The pants use Huub’s X- O skele­ton sys­tem used in the full wet­suits to im­prove body align­ment and re­duce snaking through the core. The feel is sim­i­lar to the brand’s pop­u­lar 3: 5 wet­suit cat­e­gory.

The pants pro­vide as much lift as a pull-buoy would, but force you to main­tain a light flut­ter kick if you choose to use them in­stead of a buoy while work­ing on your pull. This means you don’t let your kick­ing suf­fer just be­cause you’re iso­lat­ing your stroke. The re­sult is smoother, faster and more ef­fi­cient swim­ming to help shave down those swim leg PBS in the new year.

Huub’s kick­pant is avail­able from sizes XXS to XL.– CD


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