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The key to a great tran­si­tion is sim­plic­ity. Tran­si­tions should be quick, sim­ple and in­tu­itive. Your tran­si­tion area should be or­ga­nized and tidy and your rou­tine should be­come com­pletely au­to­matic.

For the swim to bike tran­si­tion (T1) you need:

• Hel­met, • Bike shoes (elas­tics) • Sun­glasses

For the bike to run tran­si­tion (T2) you need:

• Run shoes • Socks (op­tional) • Race belt/num­ber • Hat or vi­sor (op­tional) • Nu­tri­tion (op­tional)

Deter­min­ing how to set up your tran­si­tion starts with vi­su­al­iz­ing how you will move from the swim, to the bike and, fi­nally, on to the run. The or­der in which you will put items on helps di­rect where you need to place them.

If you have other items you want while you are cy­cling or run­ning, plan when you are go­ing to put them on. For in­stance, you may choose to wear gloves on the bike, so they need to be part of your T1 equip­ment. Will you put them on when you are rolling on the bike? That means they should be stuck to your bars. Per­haps you plan to put them on af­ter your hel­met? In that case, they need to be some­where be­side your bike. Visu­al­ize your tran­si­tion with all of the items you

plan to use and prac­tice the rou­tine you are imag­in­ing.

There are races with a “clean tran­si­tion” pol­icy. These rules do not al­low any­thing on, or be­side, your bike in tran­si­tion, so ev­ery­thing for T1 and T2 is placed in a bag that is handed to you as you run into tran­si­tion. At these races it is crit­i­cal to have an es­tab­lished rou­tine. Your rou­tine man­ages the dis­or­der of the items in the bag. By fol­low­ing your rou­tine of putting on your hel­met first, putting on shoes and then your glasses, you aren’t mak­ing de­ci­sions. Us­ing your es­tab­lished tran­si­tion pro­to­col pre­vents any sec­ond-guess­ing as to whether you have ev­ery­thing, which causes con­fu­sion and wastes time.

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