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WHILE THE FACT that we’re do­ing a re­view of train­ers sig­nals that time of the year when you’re likely go­ing to have to spend more of your bike train­ing time in­doors, bike train­ers aren’t nec­es­sar­ily some­thing you should dread as a sign of win­ter. A use­ful train­ing tool all year long, us­ing a bike trainer on a reg­u­lar ba­sis can pro­vide some con­sis­tent, ef­fi­cient train­ing even in the mid­dle of summer. For those who don’t have easy ac­cess to good out­door rid­ing, train­ers can also be a main­stay of a reg­u­lar train­ing plan.

Re­gard­less of when you’ll be us­ing a trainer, there are lots of op­tions avail­able. For those who spend a lot of time on their train­ers, some of the more ex­pen­sive op­tions that of­fer com­puter in­ter­faces and the like have be­come a pop­u­lar op­tion. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a very good trainer on which you can get an ex­cel­lent work­out. While th­ese more “ba­sic” train­ers re­quire that you man­u­ally change re­sis­tance (some­times by chang­ing gears), you’ll be able to push your­self to the limit on any of the train­ers we’ve re­viewed here.

Stac Zero Base

$440 If you live in an apart­ment or do a lot of train­ing early in the morn­ing or late at night and don’t want to keep fam­ily mem­bers awake, the Stac Zero train­ers are a fan­tas­tic op­tion. Thanks to the mag­netic re­sis­tance used on th­ese train­ers they are com­pletely silent. That means you won’t need to crank the vol­ume up on the mu­sic or video you’re watch­ing dur­ing your work­out, ei­ther. The Stac Zero does re­quire that you have an alu­minum rim, which can be a bit of an is­sue in this era of full car­bon wheelsets, but once you’ve fig­ured out a wheel that will work, the Stac Zero Base has every­thing you need to get a fan­tas­tic work­out. The Stac Zero folds down to just un­der three inches, mak­ing it easy to slide un­der a bed or couch or fit into a cup­board eas­ily. Other ad­van­tages to the mag­netic re­sis­tance in ad­di­tion to the silent run­ning: zero tire wear and no mov­ing parts, so you re­ally shouldn’t have an is­sue with wear­ing parts out with this trainer. The trainer comes with an ad­di­tional skewer that will of­fer a per­fect fit, so set up is re­ally easy.

Cy­clops Alu­minum Rollers

$418; $526 WITH RE­SIS­TANCE For those look­ing for much more than just a work­out, rollers are a great way to work on your bal­ance, con­trol and bike han­dling skills. While it will take a while to be able to mas­ter their use, be­ing able to ride on rollers is a great way to help you ride in a straight line, which will make you more ef­fi­cient on the road, too. Cy­clops’ Alu­minum rollers are very quiet and smooth and can ei­ther fold flat or stand up for easy stor­age. You can get th­ese rollers with a fivelevel ad­justable re­sis­tance op­tion, too, which en­sures you can cre­ate a su­per-hard work­out once you get com­fort­able bal­anc­ing on them – ini­tially you’ll find it hard to just stay up. Once you do mas­ter them, though, you’ll find the fact that you have to pedal at all times to stay bal­anced that will give an ex­cel­lent work­out that will feel very much like you’ve been out­side rid­ing.—km

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