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In­vest­ing in some phys­i­o­log­i­cal test­ing is one of the most valu­able things you can do to help you train with more speci­ficity. If you are on a bud­get, you can run a sim­ple Func­tional Thresh­old Power (FTP) test on your own. Or, if you have some data files from races or harder work­outs, you can make a rough es­ti­ma­tion based on the numbers therein. Know­ing your thresh­old val­ues and un­der­stand­ing how to ap­ply ap­pro­pri­ate train­ing stress in and around those val­ues will help you be more de­lib­er­ate and on tar­get.


Con­sis­tent work­outs on a daily ba­sis, week in and week out, will beat in­fre­quently ex­e­cuted epic days ev­ery time. Un­for­tu­nately, many ath­letes find them­selves do­ing an epic day ev­ery once in a while. The main rea­son for this is that con­sis­tency is hard. It’s not easy to get up ev­ery sin­gle day and get the work done. If work­outs are missed the ten­dency is to lump a bunch of ses­sions into one epic day, but this ap­proach can lead to in­jury, sick­ness or over-reach­ing if the body is not ready for such a big stress load. Con­sis­tently ex­e­cut­ing work­outs on a daily ba­sis might be the sin­gle most im­por­tant thing you can do to nail your up­com­ing sea­son, even if those work­outs don’t fall into the epic cat­e­gory.


Triathlon has evolved in the last two decades. With the growth of the Iron­man brand has come an ever-in­creas­ing de­sire for ath­letes to com­plete longer events. The trou­ble with long events is that it’s hard to do them with a high de­gree of fre­quency. Ath­letes of­ten for­get that there is an abun­dance of grass­roots, short-course races to be had. Even sprint-dis­tance rac­ing will im­prove your long game. Start lines help you sharpen your skills, gain men­tal for­ti­tude and are a great train­ing stress. Fur­ther­more, they are easy to re­cover from, which makes it pos­si­ble to back up mul­ti­ple race week­ends with­out much risk.

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