Quarq TyreWiz

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US$199 While this might be an in­no­va­tion more suited to cy­clocross, there are ad­van­tages to be had by nail­ing pre­cise tire pres­sure for triath­letes. Di­al­ing in the ex­act tire pres­sure can help you re­duce rolling re­sis­tance, en­hance the dura­bil­ity of your tires and im­prove your com­fort on the bike – all fac­tors triath­letes will en­joy. The TyreWiz weighs just 10 g and is ac­cu­rate to within one per cent, con­sid­er­ably more ac­cu­rate than the gauge on your floor pump. It mon­i­tors air pres­sure in real-time and re­lays the data to a cy­cling com­puter or a smart­phone, too, so you’re con­stantly in­formed about where things are at.

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