Storm wind steals new roof

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RI­CE­VILLE | Na­ture de­ci­ded to make things «in­ter­es­ting» for Ty­ler Down with his house renovation pro­ject.

The thun­der storm that roa­red through Eas­tern On­ta­rio at the start of the Sept. 5 wee­kend set back Down’s work sche­dule when the wind blew up over The Na­tion mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty and other parts of Pres­cott-Rus­sell ear­ly last Fri­day eve­ning.

“I was split­ting fi­re­wood in the back yard,” said Down du­ring a Mon­day phone in­ter­view. “The sky tur­ned black west of town so I went inside.”

Down shel­te­red inside his main house on

Coun­ty Road 16 in the vil­lage of Ri­ce­ville. He has a se­cond house un­der renovation, which he had over from the Ottawa area. The house was close to fi­ni­shed with the new roof com­ple­ted. Af­ter the storm had pas­sed, Down came out and had a look around

“The wind was atro­cious,” he said. “Trees were down eve­ryw­here in town.”

All the roo­fing work on his se­cond house al­so came to naught. Part of the roof was in the yard and part of it drop­ped down inside the buil­ding, lea­ving the in­ter­ior open to the rain and cau­sing wa­ter da­mage.

There is no house in­su­rance yet for the pre­mises so Down said he’d just have to ac­cept the ex­tra cost and fo­cus on get­ting back to work and get­ting the house fi­ni­shed be­fore winter.

Pho­to Ty­ler Down

A late-sum­mer wind­storm took the roof off of a house un­der construc­tion in Ri­ce­ville. The winds and fol­lo­wing thun­ders­torm which blew through Eas­tern On­ta­rio al­so drop­ped a few trees here and there throu­ghout the re­gion.

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