The Fall Seat Belt Cam­pai­gn is un­der­way

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The OPP is re­min­ding mo­to­rists that wea­ring a seat belt while in a mo­tor ve­hicle is the law and of­fi­cers in­tend to ac­ti­ve­ly en­force that law du­ring the Fall Seat Belt Cam­pai­gn.

So far this year, 42 people, who were not wea­ring a seat belt, have been killed on OPP­pa­trol­led roads com­pa­red to 34 people last year for the same time per­iod. The most recent OPP sta­tis­tics are even more alar­ming. Du­ring the week of Sep­tem­ber 7 to 13, se­ven people were killed in mo­tor-ve­hicle col­li­sions in On­ta­rio with six of those people wea­ring a seat belt.

“Adult seat belt use is the most ef­fec­tive way to save lives and re­duce in­ju­ries in mo­tor ve­hicle col­li­sions,” said OPP De­pu­ty Com­mis­sio­ner Brad Blair, Traf­fic Sa­fe­ty and Ope­ra­tio­nal Sup­port. “Yet, thou­sands of adults still do not wear their seat belts on eve­ry trip. Not wea­ring a seat belt can be a fa­tal de­ci­sion even on short, fa­mi­liar jour­neys and at low speeds. We know that en­for­ce­ment of seat belt laws does make a dif­fe­rence in get­ting more people to bu­ckle up, so OPP of­fi­cers will be di­li­gent du­ring this cam­pai­gn.”

A dri­ver can be char­ged and face a fine to­tal­ling $240 and two de­me­rit points for seat-belt in­frac­tions. Un­der the High­way Traf­fic Act, any per­son tra­vel­ling in a mo­tor ve­hicle who is at least 16 years of age must oc­cu­py a seat with a seat belt. Pa­rents are re­min­ded that pas­sen­gers un­der 16 years of age must be pro­per­ly bu­ck­led up in a car seat, boos­ter seat, or seat belt, whi­che­ver is ap­pro­priate for their age, height, and weight.

The Mi­nis­try of Tran­spor­ta­tion’s (MTO) web­site has com­pre­hen­sive information about pro­per­ly re­strai­ning a child in a ve­hicle, in­clu­ding pro­per car seat ins­tal­la­tion. This information can be found on the Road Sa­fe­ty page at

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