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The last days lea­ding up to Fi­nal Exam Week can be a lit­tle hec­tic at Vank­leek Hill Col­le­giate Ins­ti­tute. But there is al­ways time for a special ga­the­ring to ho­nour stu­dents who have ex­cel­led in re­pre­sen­ting the high school in com­pe­ti­tive sports and al­so for their hard work in va­rious school club ac­ti­vi­ties.

Du­ring this year’s VCI Awards Ban­quet event, the boys’ soc­cer pre­sen­ta­tions saw Mi­chael Leduc and Ty­ler Du­guid sin­gled out for the ju­nior and se­nior Most Va­luable Player awards while Chase McRae and Tho­mas Lo­vitt re­cei­ved the ju­nior and se­nior Most De­di­ca­ted Player ho­nours. Mad­die Leduc was na­med the girls’ soc­cer MVP for this year while Au­drée Le­clerc re­cei­ved the MDP award.

Emi­ly Ja­ring was na­med MVP for the VCI girls’ rugby squad this sea­son with Yin Yang Hen­ning re­cei­ving the MDP award. In boys ho­ckey MVP ho­nours went to Bran­don La­casse while this year’s MDP is Mar­cus Nas­ser-Pear­son.

For the boys’ bas­ket­ball teams, Va­si­ly Pic­cone is ju­nior MVP and Josh De­ponte se­nior MVP, with Yan Sch­nell and Raf­san Hu­da the ju­nior and se­nior MDPs. Vic­to­ria Saun­ders and Au­drée Le­clerc are ju­nior and se­nior MVPs for the girls’ bas­ket­ball squad, with Ch­loé Du­val and Sa­rah Krawc­zyk as the MDPs.

The girls’ vol­ley­ball pro­gram fi­ni­shed with Me­ghan Cour­te­manche and Sa­bri­na-Bin­ta Ko­né as ju­nior and se­nior MVPs. Kait­lyn Sau­riol and Au­drée Le­clerc are the ju­nior and se­nior MDPs. In bad­min­ton Sa­tesh Sup­piah and Sa­rah Krawc­zyk are the ju­nior and se­nior MVPs, while Myu­ran Mu­ru­ge­sa­pi­la and Zach Mo­ren­cy are the ju­nior and se­nior MDPs.

For boys foot­ball De­rek Le­clerc and Nick Daw­son were na­med ju­nior and se­nior MVPs, with Ri­ley Mur­phy and Jim­my-Dean Payette as MDPs. In Ul­ti­mate Fris­bee, this sea­son’s MVPs are Mi­chael Le­duce for the ju­niors and Zach Mo­ren­cy for the se­niors, while the ju­nior and se­nior MDPs are Har­ri­san Mu­gun­than and Au­drée Le­clerc.

The track pro­gram fi­nishes with Cole MacW­hir­ter and Emi­ly Ja­ring as the ju­nior and se­nior MVPs, while Tae­gan Hal­la­han and Sa­rah Krawc­zyk are the ju­nior and se­nior MDPs.

This past year in cur­ling, VCI’s rink pro­ved cham­pions on the ice with the girls’ rink of skip Cas­san­dra Al­len, third Me­gan Cour­te­manche, se­cond Cait­lyn Al­len, and lead Tam­ra La­voie clai­ming both the Pres­cott-Rus­sell and Eas­tern On­ta­rio Se­con­da­ry School Ath­le­tic As­so­cia­tions cham­pion­ship titles. VCI’s mixed cur­ling rink of skip Ca­me­ron La­rocque, third Emi­ly Lo­vitt, se­conds Fred Pa­ri­sien and Todd Zilh­mann, and leads Ma­de­leine For­tin and Genevieve Jones brought home the Pres­cott-Rus­sell title.

Ear­ning ap­plause and ho­nours for their Year­book work were Sa­rah Krawc­zyk, Yin Yang Hen­ning, and Me­gan Mac­Mil­lan. Ma­de­leine For­tin re­cei­ved ac­claim for her ef­forts in the EcoC­lub.

Fi­nal ath­le­tic awards for the eve­ning went to Sa­man­tha Cum­mings and Da­vid Krawc­zyk as the most pro­mi­sing of the sea­son. Ho­nours for aca­de­mic achie­ve­ment along with their ath­le­tic en­dea­vours went to Au­drée Le­clerc and Pe­ter Ve­loc­ci. Na­med top ath­letes of the sea­son were Sa­rah Krawc­zyk and Bran­don La­casse while Me­gan Mac­Mil­lan re­cei­ved the Ga­rett Al­len Me­mo­rial Award.

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