O’Gra­dy ho­nou­red for de­di­ca­ted en­vi­ron­men­tal ser­vice

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Den­nis O’Gra­dy still has a couple of months yet be­fore his of­fi­cial re­ti­re­ment as ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger for the South Na­tion Conser­va­tion Au­tho­ri­ty. That did not prevent the board of di­rec­tors and others from of­fe­ring him ear­ly ho­nours du­ring the agen­cy’s recent an­nual ge­ne­ral mee­ting.

“You have been a great as­set to the au­tho­ri­ty,” said Doug Thomp­son, chair­man for the South Na­tion Conser­va­tion Au­tho­ri­ty (SNC) du­ring his ope­ning re­marks prior to the start of the of­fi­cial agenda.

De­nis Per­rault, a for­mer SNC chair­man, pro­vi­ded his­to­ri­cal context to O’Gra­dy’s time with the SNC, both as ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger and Den­nis O’Gra­dy (au centre) pren­dra sa re­traite plus tard cette an­née en tant que di­rec­teur gé­né­ral de la Conser­va­tion de la Na­tion-Sud, mais il a re­çu un pre­mier hon­neur lors de l’as­sem­blée gé­né­rale an­nuelle de l’agence pour ses an­nées de ser­vice consa­cré à l’en­vi­ron­ne­ment de la ré­gion. M. O’Gra­dy et An­ge­la Co­le­man (à gauche), qui le rem­pla­ce­ra, Doug Thomp­son, an­cien pré­sident de SNC, De­nis Per­rault, an­cien pré­sident de CNS, et Fran­çois St-Amour, pré­sident de SNC pour 2017, posent pour une pho­to de groupe à la fin de la réunion. Den­nis O’Gra­dy will soon be ab­sent from the South Na­tion Conser­va­tion Au­tho­ri­ty board, af­ter his of­fi­cial re­ti­re­ment as ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger, la­ter this spring. du­ring his ear­lier years with the agen­cy in va­rious other posts.

“I can still re­mem­ber the first time that I met Den­nis,” Per­rault said, ad­ding that he mis­took O’Gra­dy for a student wor­ker then, not rea­li­zing the other was SNC’s you­th­ful ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger.

Per­rault no­ted that one of O’Gra­dy’s great strengths over the years as a ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger is his abi­li­ty to make sure that all mem­bers of the SNC board are aware and up-to-date on what SNC staff are wor­king on and the pro­jects and pro­grams that the agen­cy is in­vol­ved in or trying to set up. He al­so ob­ser­ved O’Gra­dy has de­mons­tra­ted great res­pect and open­ness in dea­ling with the mu­ni­ci­pal mem­bers of the SNC re­gion on the concerns of their com­mu­ni­ties.

“Thank you ve­ry much from the whole of the wa­ter­shed,” Per­rault said. “He (O’Gra­dy) cares so much for the wa­ter­shed.”

A for­mal ce­le­bra­tion event for O’Gra­dy’s of­fi­cial re­ti­re­ment day is plan­ned for la­ter in May at the SNC of­fice in Finch.


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