The Ri­ce­ville Agri­cul­tu­ral So­cie­ty ce­le­brates its ses­qui­cen­ten­nial!


Just as the en­tire coun­try is ce­le­bra­ting Ca­na­da’s ses­qui­cen­ten­nial, the re­si­dents of Ri­ce­ville, wi­thin The Na­tion Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty and East of Ot­ta­wa, al­so have big things to ce­le­brate: the Ri­ce­ville Agri­cul­tu­ral So­cie­ty (RAS) is ce­le­bra­ting its 150th an­ni­ver­sa­ry!

Ho­no­ring Tra­di­tion and He­ri­tage

RAS will be hos­ting its an­nual Ri­ce­ville Fair from Au­gust 25th to 27th, 2017. Ac­ti­vi­ties in­clude adre­na­line in­du­cing ATV Stunt Shows, crowd plea­sing ATV and An­tique Trac­tor Pulls, new this year Red­neck Ro­deo Games, Tur­key Sup­per and Sun­day Brunch, Chil­dren’s Area, Live Mu­sic, Com­pe­ti­tions, and Horse and Beef Shows! An­tique lo­vers can al­so show off their truck in the an­nual Show and Shine or even com­pete in the 8th an­nual Truck Pull!

“I have ne­ver mis­sed a Ri­ce­ville Fair, de­cla­red the RAS pre­sident, Co­ri­na Shane. It was al­ways an end-of-sum­mer tra­di­tion, a place for neigh­bors, friends, and fa­mi­lies to ga­ther, to catch up, and say good­bye to sum­mer. It is al­so a place that has taught me to give back to my com­mu­ni­ty. My pa­rents, who were both di­rec­tors, have ins­til­led in me the va­lues of gi­ving back to our small com­mu­ni­ties so they can conti­nue to grow and have so­me­thing they can be proud of.”

New this year

RAS is thro­wing a Ba­ckyard Par­ty on Sep­tem­ber 9, which will fea­ture a Ba­ckyard Grilling Com­pe­ti­tion and a lawn­mo­wer pull by Val­ley Pul­lers. On Sep­tem­ber 10, Boi­sés Est will al­so host their an­nual wood cut­ter’s event, Ri­ce­ville Wood & Fo­rests Ex­hi­bi­tion, on the Ri­ce­ville Fair­grounds.

“I am ex­ci­ted to be part of this gro­wing as­so­cia­tion and to be able to give back to our com­mu­ni­ty and friends with new ex­ci­ting events, said To­bias Ho­vey, RAS’s vi­ce­pre­sident. We are plan­ning on ce­le­bra­ting 150 years of hard work and fun with all those who come and sup­port us year in and out. We are al­ways loo­king for the new faces of those that have just dis­co­ve­red the hid­den gem that Ri­ce­ville Fair is.”

—pho­to four­nie

Fon­dée en 1867, la cé­lè­bre­ra ses 150 ans au cours de la foire de Ri­ce­ville, qui au­ra lieu du 25 au 27 août pro­chain. Au pro­gramme, les fes­ti­va­liers pour­ront as­sis­ter à des spec­tacles de cas­cades et de tires de VTT, au au mar­ché de sa­veurs lo­cales, aux spec­tacles de che­vaux ou de boeufs, aux tires de ca­mions, et bien plus en­core. De la mu­sique et des ac­ti­vi­tés pour en­fants fe­ront aus­si par­tie des ac­ti­vi­tés de la fin de se­maine. Sur la pho­to, on re­trouve le char al­lé­go­rique uti­li­sé pour faire la pro­mo­tion de la foire, lors de la pa­rade de la Saint-Jean-Bap­tiste à Four­nier.

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