Ha­cker steals Four­nier 150 email ad­dress

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Anyone who gets an email clai­ming to be from the Four­nier 150 Com­mit­tee and as­king for a do­na­tion should trash it right away. It is a fake.

Roxanne Ryan, one of the com­mit­tee mem­bers, says that a ha­cker has sto­len the group’s email ad­dress and is now using it to send out pho­ny re­quests for do­na­tions to help with costs for the 150th an­ni­ver­sa­ry ce­le­bra­tion for the Pa­rish of Four­nier.

Ryan her­self just re­cei­ved such a pho­ny email. A war­ning about the hack was pos­ted on the group’s Fa­ce­book page.

With the end of the year close at hand, the Four­nier 150 com­mit­tee is win­ding up bu­si­ness and has no real need to keep the email ad­dress. There will be an end-of-sea­son ce­le­bra­tion sup­per, with a live co­me­dy skit, at the Saint-Ber­nar­din Hall on Nov. 25, and the group will post de­tails on how to get ti­ckets on its Fa­ce­book page.

Ryan is trying to contact Ya­hoo!, the email ser­vice the group uses, to both can­cel the Four­nier 150 email ac­count and al­so warn the com­pa­ny about the ha­cker. Quel­qu’un a vo­lé l’adresse élec­tro­nique du co­mi­té de Four­nier 150 et en­voie main­te­nant de faux cour­riels de­man­dant des dons pour sou­te­nir les cé­lé­bra­tions du 150e an­ni­ver­saire de la pa­roisse de Four­nier.

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