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De­clarer put up dummy's ace and con­tin­ued with the ace of spades re­veal­ing the 5-0 break. He played off the ace and king of di­a­monds and ruffed the six of di­a­monds with the spade three. The spade queen was un­blocked, the closed hand was en­tered with the ace of clubs and the re­main­ing trump were ex­tracted. The queen of di­a­monds was cashed, forc­ing West to dis­card a club as dummy parted with the jack of hearts. South led a club at trick twelve and, when West fol­lowed with the queen, an over­trick was home, N-S +1010.

West had been squeezed by the play of the queen of di­a­monds and was forced to pitch a club in or­der to re­tain the heart queen.

North had in­di­cated slam in­ter­est by re­bid­ding three spades. South signed off at game since he did not hold ex­tras but part­ner over­ruled him by ask­ing for con­trols. North ad­vanced to a small slam when the re­ply promised two con­trols with­out the trump queen.

6NT is also icy be­cause of the fa­vor­able lie of the heart hon­ors but North re­jected 6NT as a pos­si­ble des­ti­na­tion.

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