Travel writer en­dorses the plea­sures of trav­el­ling alone

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It isn’t of­ten that a news­pa­per re­porter pub­lishes a truly dis­tin­guished book about the sen­sa­tions of soli­tary travel and the re­ward­ing emo­tions you feel when abroad by your­self in a strange city. Yet that is the achieve­ment of Stephanie Rosen­bloom of The New York Times in her re­cently pub­lished “Alone Time.”

Rosen­bloom, a staff colum­nist for the Times, is known for her ex­tremely lu­cid and help­ful col­umns about var­i­ous prac­ti­cal as­pects of travel. But in “Alone Time,” she talks about the feel­ings you can and should ex­pe­ri­ence while trav­el­ling with­out a com­pan­ion.

She be­gins by ex­plain­ing that a large and grow­ing seg­ment of the world’s pop­u­la­tion is made up of sin­gle peo­ple. In the same pro­por­tions, a grow­ing seg­ment of all tourists are peo­ple who ei­ther are alone by cir­cum­stance or are peo­ple who have con­sciously de­cided to travel alone. Yet in­stead of be­moan­ing that lat­ter con­di­tion, she ex­ults in it by de­scrib­ing the plea­sures she has had by trav- elling alone, for a week at a time, in Paris, Florence, Istanbul and New York.

In a text given weight by ex­cerpts from the works of re­mark­able nov­el­ists and philoso­phers, she takes you on a visit to the above cities, and in the most en­ter­tain­ing pos­si­ble man­ner, she de­scribes the joy she found in re­act­ing to the sights and ex­pe­ri­ences of those cities alone, with­out the dis­trac­tions of a com­pan­ion.

The book is a hand­book of smart travel. You will al­most long to make your next trip as a solo trav­eller. And she ends this en­ter­tain­ing tome with a chap­ter de­tail­ing all the aid you can find in web­sites and apps for mem­o­rable solo travel.

The book is “Alone Time” and is subti­tled “The Plea­sures of Soli­tude,” and it is avail­able in all book­stores, or elec­tron­i­cally. Arthur Frommer is the pi­o­neer­ing founder of the Frommer’s Travel Guide book se­ries. He co-hosts the ra­dio pro­gram, The Travel

Show, with his travel cor­re­spon­dent daugh­ter Pauline Frommer. Find more des­ti­na­tions on­line and read Arthur Frommer’s blog at from­


The cover of “Alone Time” by Stephanie Rosen­bloom.

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