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The Snopes- dis­proved leg­end of Keith Richards swap­ping out his blood af­ter a night of hard par­ty­ing for that of a younger man may not sound so far-fetched in the fu­ture, if re­cent stud­ies are to be be­lieved.

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†‡ˆ‰Š­‹Œ‡‡Ž ‘’“”•–†—“para­bio­sis”—works in mice, no ques­tion about it. Mul­ti­ple ex­per­i­ments con­ducted at Har­vard and else­where within the last ve years have found that blood trans­fused from young mice into old ones had are­ju­ve­nat­ing eŸect. The old mice grew pep­pier. They per­formed bet­ter on mem­ory tests. Their fur grew sleek and lus­trous. Some­thing in that new, rich plasma was heal­ing and re­pair­ing ag­ing or­gans by ac­ti­vat­ing dor­mant stem cells. No one knows which among hun­dreds of good­ies in the young blood—cir­cu­lat­ing pro­teins, growth fac­tors, im­mune­sys­tem boost­ers— might be re­spon­si­ble, or whether what­ever mech­a­nism is at work could also work in hu­mans.

But that hasn’t stopped re­search from moving to the hu­man­ex­per­i­ment stage. If you’re over 35 you can be part of aclin­i­cal trial run by the U.S. Na­tional In­sti­tute of Health and re­ceive blood from a donor be­tween 16 and 25 years old to see if and how it spruces you up. In asep­a­rate study go­ing on at Stan­ford, Alzheimer’s pa­tients re­ceive young­blood trans­fu­sions to see if it stems cog­ni­tive de­cline. The endgame is to iso­late the magic ac­tive in­gre­di­ent in the blood serum and sell it in a pill.

There’s awhat’s­old­is­new­again di­men­sion in all this. The idea of young blood as an elixir goes back to an­cient Greece. The diŸer­ence now is the po­ten­tial cus­tomer. It used to be the poor, who, un­able to pro­cure ex­pen­sive medicine, would slip the ex­e­cu­tioner a few pen­nies for a cup of blood. Now only the rich, such as PayPal founder and Trump booster Peter Thiel, can aŸord to roll the dice on this life hack. The NIH trial, spon­sored by the Monterey­based com­pany Am­brosia LLC, costs $8,000 (U.S.) to par­tic­i­pate in.

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