Babes in Toron­toland

With a slew of new baby an­i­mals in the city, the zoo’s ever-pop­u­lar panda cubs now have some real com­pe­ti­tion in the cute cat­e­gory. Here we chat with keep­ers from all over the city to see how these new Instagram stars are far­ing.

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HIGH PARK ZOO WEL­COMED THREE BABY CAPYBARAS IN FE­BRU­ARY How will you de­cide their names? The Friends of High Park Zoo group is run­ning a nam­ing con­test, and peo­ple can sub­mit names. Their par­ents, Bon­nie and Clyde, re­ceived their names last year dur­ing their highly pub­li­cized es­cape from the zoo. What are their per­son­al­i­ties like? They are quite timid but usu­ally can be en­ticed out with some corn, but they are stick­ing close to their mother for now. Where can peo­ple see them? They are in their pen with their par­ents, and you can hear them com­mu­ni­cat­ing with each other through clicks and whis­tles.


TWO BUN­NIES WERE BORN AT CEN­TRE IS­LAND’S FAR ENOUGH FARM IN MARCH Who are their par­ents? The bun­nies are both girls and were born on March 5 to their mother, Snowy, and their fa­ther, Mocha. The ba­bies don’t have names just yet. When can peo­ple see them? They are out now in the barn. There are heat lan­terns to keep them warm. Around June, when the weather is warmer, the rest of our baby an­i­mals will be out. We have two sets of twin goats and two lambs. Where are they sleep­ing? The bun­nies are sleep­ing in the pen where they live.


RIVERDALE FARM WEL­COMED FIVE LAMBS IN APRIL What are the lambs up to? They are be­ing silly lambs, jump­ing around and hav­ing a good time while learn­ing about their world. Just like peo­ple, they all have their own per­son­al­i­ties, some are laid-back and let one of the oth­ers boss them around. How big are they? New­born lambs are typ­i­cally be­tween five and 10 pounds. Why don’t they have names? Riverdale Farm is mod­elled af­ter a work­ing 19th-cen­tury farm, so we don’t name the an­i­mals, but folks can come see the lambs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


FOUR AFRICAN PEN­GUINS HATCHED AT THE TORONTO ZOO IN APRIL When were the eggs laid? The first two chicks were laid by Thandiwe and Matata on Jan. 5 and Jan. 8. The sec­ond pair was laid by El­don and Chupa on Jan. 21 and Jan. 25. When did they hatch? The chicks hatched on Feb. 12, 15, 27 and March 4. In­cu­ba­tion oc­curs for just over a month, then the chicks stay in the nest for an­other three weeks. What are the chicks up to? We have three girls and one boy and are teach­ing them to be hand-fed fish. They’re learn­ing to swim and should join the colony at the 80-day mark.

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