Bra­ce­lets of hope

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Lyne Sha­ck­le­ton (left) and Da­va McKay mo­del one of the hot­test-sel­ling items for the wo­man who has both good fa­shion sense and a good heart. These made-in-Ba­li bra­ce­lets are ethi­cal­ly-made by na­tive ar­ti­sans who re­ceive a decent wage for their work and they are al­so the la­test fun­drai­ser item for Ova­rian Can­cer Ca­na­da at $10 each with a por­tion of the pro­ceeds going back to the ar­ti­sans and the re­main­der hel­ping to fund re­search on ova­rian can­cer. Sha­ck­le­ton, who has ma­king the cause for ova­rian can­cer re­search a fa­mi­liar to­pic in her home town of Cla­rence-Ro­ck­land, rai­sed more than $2800 alone last year for Ova­rian Can­cer Ca­na­da through her own sales of these bra­ce­lets. That is in ad­di­tion to some of the other fun­drai­sing and promotion pro­jects she has or­ga­ni­zed or ta­ken part in for ova­rian can­cer re­se­rach.

Pho­to Gregg Chamberlain

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