Lo­cal he­ri­tage ex­perts tes­ti­fy for Parc Du Mou­lin

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The Ot­ta­wa Ri­ver now has of­fi­cial he­ri­tage sta­tus with the fe­de­ral go­vern­ment. Lo­cal his­to­ry and he­ri­tage buffs argue that Parc Du Mou­lin me­rits si­mi­lar treat­ment, at least on the mu­ni­ci­pal le­vel.

Back from their Ju­ly sum­mer break, the mem­bers of coun­cil for the Ci­ty of Cla­ren­ceRo­ck­land gave quick ap­pro­val Mon­day eve­ning to a re­so­lu­tion to au­tho­rize both the mu­ni­ci­pal in­fra­struc­ture and plan­ning de­part­ment, with help from the Ci­ty’s he­ri­tage ad­vi­so­ry com­mit­tee, to start the pro­cess for gi­ving of­fi­cial lo­cal he­ri­tage sta­tus to the com­mu­ni­ty park. The pro­cess in­volves draf­ting a by­law and al­so pro­vi­ding a pu­blic no­tice of the plan to al­low any com­ments and feed­back from re­si­dents.

At least th­ree people hope there will be no de­lay in Parc Du Mou­lin joi­ning the list of of­fi­cial he­ri­tage sites wi­thin the Ci­ty of Cla­rence-Ro­ck­land. Gilles Char­trand, lo­cal his­to­rian/ar­chi­vist and mu­seum cu­ra­tor, and Michel Ju­bin­ville and Louis Au­bry of the he­ri­tage ad­vi­so­ry com­mit­tee, made a spe­cial pre­sen­ta­tion du­ring the Aug. 8 com­mit­tee of the whole ses­sion that fol­lo­wed the re­gu­lar coun­cil mee­ting. They were plea­sed with ap­pro­val for the start of the he­ri­tage de­si­gna­tion pro­cess and wan­ted to as­sure coun­cil that this was a real be­ne­fit for the com­mu­ni­ty.

“It is im­por­tant to pro­tect this beau­ti­ful Gilles Char­trand (left) and Michel Ju­bin­ville present the case for ma­king Parc Du Mou­lin one of the of­fi­cial he­ri­tage sites of the Ci­ty of Cla­rence-Ro­ck­land. as­set,” said Ju­bin­ville.

He no­ted that the of­fi­cial he­ri­tage gui­de­lines for the pro­vince and the fe­de­ral go­vern­ment sti­pu­late that a buil­ding or a place is dee­med wor­thy of he­ri­tage de­si­gna­tion if it meets one or more of th­ree cri­te­ria. They in­clude: ar­chi­tec­tu­ral uni­que­ness, his­to­ri­cal va­lue, and/or context va­lue.

“Parc Du Mou­lin has great contex­tual va­lue,” said Ju­bin­ville, no­ting the park’s lo­ca­tion along the Ot­ta­wa Ri­ver, now an of­fi­cial he­ri­tage ri­ver, and the im­por­tant links that Parc Du Mou­lin has with the com­mu­ni­ty and with Cla­rence-Ro­ck­land’s de­ve­lop­ment his­to­ry over the de­cades.

Parc Du Mou­lin, Char­trand no­ted, in­cludes se­ve­ral of the re­mai­ning traces of the foun­da­tions of the saw­mil­ls which were the rea­son for Ro­ck­land’s exis­tence in the mid-1800s, and the park re­cei­ved its own of­fi­cial inau­gu­ra­tion as a com­mu­ni­ty fea­ture in 1967 as part of Ro­ck­land’s ce­le­bra­tion of the Ca­na­dian Cen­ten­nial.

Se­ve­ral coun­cil mem­bers won­de­red whe­ther of­fi­cial he­ri­tage de­si­gna­tion for the park would place any res­tric­tions on fu­ture im­pro­ve­ments to the pro­per­ty. Coun. Michel Le­vert as­ked if so­me­thing like a com­mu­ni­ty band­shell for the park would still be pos­sible. Ju­bin­ville as­su­red coun­cil that im­pro­ve­ments like that should still be pos­sible and wel­come ad­di­tions to the park in fu­ture.

“If you res­pect the at­tri­butes that make it a he­ri­tage park,” he said, “then there should be no pro­blem.”

—pho­to Gregg Chamberlain

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