Coun­ties wants ac­ces­si­bi­li­ty ad­vice

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All re­si­dents in the Pres­cott-Rus­sell re­gion who use a wheel­chair or scoo­ter to run er­rands, a wal­ker or a cane to go out for a stroll, the coun­ties coun­cil wants your ad­vice. So­meone who lives or works in the re­gion and is fa­mi­liar with the pro­blems that face people with mo­bi­li­ty or other types of phy­si­cal han­di­cap is­sues, the coun­ties coun­cil needs your ideas.

Alain Lacelle of the coun­ties so­cial ser- vices de­part­ment is ta­king ap­pli­ca­tions for th­ree seats on the Uni­ted Coun­ties of Pres­cott-Rus­sell (UCPR) ac­ces­si­bi­li­ty ad­vi­so­ry com­mit­tee. The UCPR has had an ad­vi­so­ry com­mit­tee on ac­ces­si­bi­li­ty is­sues for se­ve­ral years now and needs to keep at least a mi­ni­mum num­ber of seats filled to main­tain quo­rum vo­ting for re­com­men­da­tions to pass on to the coun­ties coun­cil.

The main res­pon­si­bi­li­ty for the com­mit­tee is to do re­gu­lar re­views of the coun­ties’ fi­veyear ac­ces­si­bi­li­ty stra­te­gy plan and as­sess the pro­gress made on dea­ling with ac­ces­si­bi­li­ty needs and concerns for re­si­dents where UCPR fa­ci­li­ties, pro­per­ties, and spon­so­red events are concer­ned. But Lacelle, who chairs the ad­vi­so­ry com­mit­tee as the coun­ties’ re­pre­sen­ta­tive, no­ted that its man­date is not li­mi­ted to that.

“We’ve had some dis­cus­sions in the past on trans­por­ta­tion (mo­bi­li­ty needs),” he said, “which has been an is­sue.”

The com­mit­tee is al­so avai­lable to look in­to hu­man re­sources-re­la­ted concerns for the coun­ties, and help the UCPR en­sure that job post­ings are open, when pos­sible, to eve­ryone, in­clu­ding those who use wheel­chairs, wal­kers, scoo­ters or other mo­bi­li­ty aids.

In­di­vi­duals in­ter­es­ted in sit­ting on the ac­ces­si­bi­li­ty ad­vi­so­ry com­mit­tee, call Alain Lacelle, toll-free, at 1-800-667-9825, or email ala­celle@pres­cott-rus­

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