Cou­gars mark sil­ver an­ni­ver­sa­ry with gold-le­vel score

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The Cou­gars have been the face of ju­nior hockey in Vank­leek Hill for 25 years now. The ho­me­town crowd en­joyed gold-le­vel sco­ring when their team hos­ted the StI­si­dore Aigles for the Cou­gars’ sil­ver an­ni­ver­sa­ry home-ope­ner over the Oct. 1 wee­kend.

The Cou­gars plu­cked the fea­thers off the Eagles 6-2 Sa­tur­day in a game that saw the home team do­mi­nate both the play and the sco­re­board. Maxime Emond put Vank­leek Hill on the sco­re­board first in the ope­ning per­iod, col­lec­ting a re­bound goal-at­tempt by Ty­ler Do­pel­ha­mer.

Ri­ley Sau­vé and Charles Doyon each pun­ched in singles to add to the se­cond­pe­riod score. Third per­iod saw Sa­muel Fou­nier’s po­wer-play goal click the clock score coun­ter to 4-1 at the 13-mi­nute mark. Emond re­pea­ted his goal-sco­ring success in a back-to-back sco­ring scene with fel­low Cou­gars shoo­ter Vincent Hu­neault.

As­sis­ting on the Vank­leek Hill goals du­ring the night were Do­pel­ha­mer, Four­nier, Ryan Al­len, Ni­ko­las Ayotte, Ni­co­las Cas­ton­guay, Marc-An­toine Doyon, and Ty­ler Druce. Sco­ring for the Aigles were Francis La­vio­lette and Pier-Luc Viau, with goals as­sists co­ming from Jean-Louis Man­del, Fre­de­rik La­flèche and Ni­cho­las Sou­li­gny.

Last Fri­day’s road game in Ga­ti­neau against the Hull-Vo­lant en­ded in a 10-4 poun­ding against the Cou­gars with single goals from the two Doyons and from Druce and Emond. As­sis­ting on the goals were Marc-An­toine Doyon and Bren­den Rowe. Sco­ring two points each for Ga­ti­neau were Alexis Gau­thier and Marc-Oli­vier La­fre­nière with single goals from Ryan Abra­ham, Mar­tin Ar­nold, Louis-Phi­lippe Cyr, De­nis Grat­ton, Francis Na­don, and Charles St-De­nis. Goal as­sists came from St-De­nis, Na­don, La­fre­nière, Gau­thier, Cyr, Ar­nold, Abra­ham, Alex Ethier, No­lan Peck, and Karl Venne.

Pho­to Gregg Chamberlain

En cette 25e an­née au sein de la ligue Ju­nior C, les Cou­gars de Vank­leek Hill, qu’on voit ci-des­sus lors d’une par­tie contre les Lions de Mor­ris­burg le mois der­nier, ont pour­sui­vi sur leur lan­cée de par­ties vic­to­rieuses en l’em­por­tant à do­mi­cile contre les Aigles de St-Isi­dore le 1er oc­tobre der­nier.—

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