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The snap­ping turtle and other wet­land wild­life li­ving next to the Ou­taouais Golf Course in Ro­ck­land will have some more new neigh­bours mo­ving in soon. Fu­ture re­si­dents of a $25 mil­lion condo­mi­nium pro­ject will have an ex­cellent view of both the lo­cal wild­life and the lo­cal golf ac­tion.

The Do­maine de Golf condo pro­ject is the de­ve­lop­ment child of C.H. Clé­ment Construc­tion and pro­ject ma­na­ger Mike Ger­vais ex­pects to have clients set­tled in­to their new home units by next year.

“To­day is a big day for us,” Ger­vais said du­ring the Sept. 30 of­fi­cial ground brea­king ce­re­mo­ny for the pro­ject. “People are going to start mo­ving in­to the condos next spring.”

The three-year de­ve­lop­ment pro­ject will re­sult in erec­tion of 114 condo units bor­de­ring along the front nine neigh­bou­rhood of the lo­cal golf course and close to Coun­ty Road 17. Es­ti­ma­ted at $25 mil­lion in in­vest­ment va­lue for the com­pa­ny, the tar­get de­mo­gra­phic for the pro­ject are people now ei­ther re­ti­red or se­mi-re­ti­red, who en­joy frequent tra­vel.

“This (pro­ject) is more like buying in­to the li­fe­style,” said Ger­vais, ad­ding that the main­te­nance-free as­pect of the condo­mi­nium de­si­gn and its home-com­fort construc­tion de­si­gn fea­tures will prove at­trac­tive to ei­ther lo­cal re­si­dents who want to re­tire and stay in Ro­ck­land and to other po­ten­tial clients from the Or­léans-Ot­ta­wa area al­so in search of a com­for­table home base for their new mo­bile re­ti­re­ment li­fe­style.

“Ro­ck­land has all the ame­ni­ties and the ser­vices that at­tract,” Ger­vais said, ad­ding that the com­mu­ni­ty has “price points that are at­trac­tive.”

Ger­vais no­ted that 30 of the units al­rea­dy have claims and he ex­pects the re­main­der will be sold off well be­fore the fi­nal unit is construc­ted.

—pho­to Gregg Chamberlain

1 Mayor Guy Des­jar­dins raises a bit of dust with a sho­vel­ful of dirt du­ring the of­fi­cial ground brea­king ce­re­mo­ny Sept. 30 for the C.H. Clé­ment Construc­tion condo­mi­nium pro­ject ad­ja­cent to the Ou­taouais Golf Course in Ro­ck­land. Joi­ning him for the event are Coun. An­dré La­londe (left), Charles Clé­ment, Guy La­fleur, Na­tha­lie Clé­ment, MP Francis Drouin, MPP Grant Crack, and pro­ject ma­na­ger Mike Ger­vais. Present but not pic­tu­red is Coun. Jean-Marc La­londe.

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