Re­si­dents concer­ned with road condi­tions, promp­ting a pe­ti­tion

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The re­si­dents of Ro­ck­land na­med road condi­tions as their main concern du­ring a town hall mee­ting held by Cla­ren­ceRo­ck­land ward 1 coun­cil­lor Jean-Marc La­londe on Thurs­day, Au­gust 24, at the are­na bea­ring his name. More spe­ci­fi­cal­ly, re­si­dents are main­ly concer­ned with the condi­tions of St. Jacques Street and Cam­peau Cres­cent, which they feel are both cru­cial­ly in need of re­pairs but have been ne­glec­ted by the ci­ty. A pe­ti­tion with over 200 si­gna­tures is now cir­cu­la­ting.

La­londe cal­led this town hall mee­ting, on­ly the se­cond one he has cal­led since the elec­tions in 2014, to pro­vide a sta­tus up­date on pro­jects that have been com­ple­ted thus far in 2017, and to col­lect re­si­dents’ prio­ri­ties for the bud­get of 2018. Mayor Guy Des­jar­dins was al­so present along­side the coun­cil­lor.

As main items for the 2018 bud­get were being dis­cus­sed, re­si­dents were cal­ling for a more proac­tive ap­proach from the ci­ty ra­ther than a reac­tive one when it comes to road re­pairs.

The re­pa­ving of St. Jacques Street was ini­tial­ly es­ti­ma­ted at a cost of $1.7 mil­lion. Af­ter the ne­ces­sa­ry stu­dy was done, the cost es­ti­mate al­most qua­dru­pled, as the en­tire road would need to even­tual­ly be re­cons­truc­ted ins­tead of sim­ply being re­pa­ved.

Ho­we­ver, both the mayor and the coun­cil­lor ack­now­led­ged the ‘ter­rible’ state of both St. Jacques Street and Cam­peau Cres­cent and vo­wed to fight for their re­pairs.

“When you are the coun­cil­lor of a ward, you have to work for the de­ve­lop­ment of the whole of the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty and this is what I have been doing,” said La­londe. “But so­me­times, we need the sup­port of all of

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Les ré­si­dents de Ro­ck­land ont nom­més les condi­tions des routes comme leur prin­ci­pale pré­oc­cu­pa­tion lors d’une réunion te­nue par le conseiller mu­ni­ci­pal de Cla­rence-Ro­ck­land, Jean-Marc La­londe, le jeu­di 24 août à l’aré­na por­tant son nom. Plus pré­ci­sé­ment, les ré­si­dents sont concer­nés prin­ci­pa­le­ment avec les condi­tions des rues Saint-Jacques et Cam­peau, qui, se­lon eux, né­ces­sitent des ré­pa­ra­tions es­sen­tielles, mais ont été né­gli­gées par la ville. Une pé­ti­tion avec plus de 200 si­gna­tures cir­culent pré­sen­te­ment.—

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