Dé­cou­verte de la dé­pouille de Ga­ry Fos­ter

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La po­lice a mis fin à sa re­cherche de Ga­ry Fos­ter, un homme de 78 ans du can­ton d’Al­fred-Plan­ta­ge­net, dont la dis­pa­ri­tion a été si­gna­lée le 15 août. Les cher­cheurs ont trou­vé le corps de Fos­ter près du village de Cur­ran le 29 août.

L’uni­té ca­nine de la Po­lice pro­vin­ciale de l’On­ta­rio a trou­vé le corps de M. Fos­ter au mi­lieu de l’après-mi­di le mar­di 29 août. Il était si­tué Mar­di. lors d’une re­cherche d’une zone boi­sée dense près du village.

Des re­pré­sen­tants du Bu­reau du co­ro­ner en chef se sont ren­dus sur les lieux. Un post-mor­tem était pré­vue pour dé­ter­mi­ner la cause du dé­cès. you when we are figh­ting at coun­cil to get so­me­thing going.”

La­londe’s sug­ges­tion was for concer­ned re­si­dents to get a pe­ti­tion going and bring it to coun­cil, in­crea­sing the ward’s chances at re­cei­ving ad­di­tio­nal mo­ney for these re­pairs.

Al­though the es­ti­ma­ted $6.4 mil­lion re­cons­truc­tion job for St. Jacques is not in the books right now, there is an ap­proxi­mate $600,000 al­lo­ca­ted for its pa­ving.

“We ha­ven’t for­got­ten you, we are going to try to find a so­lu­tion to pave a sec­tion of St. Jacques this year, not just patch it up,” said Mayor Des­jar­dins. “If you come and see my road, it needs a lot of patch work,” he said. “But I will not fix my road, be­fore I fix other people’s roads. We are wor­king on St. Jacques and we are co­ming, be pa­tient.”

The mayor as­su­red that if this pro­ject can­not be fi­ni­shed by the end of the year, it will be done by next year and al­so rei­te­ra­ted the im­pact a pe­ti­tion can have upon coun­cil.

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The search for Ga­ry Fos­ter has en­ded af­ter a po­lice K9 team found his bo­dy in a woo­ded area near the Village of Cur­ran. A post-mor­tem exa­mi­na­tion is sche­du­led to de­ter­mine cause of death.

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