Did you see the eclipse?

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Mil­lions of people across North Ame­ri­ca were com­ple­te­ly star struck on Mon­day, Au­gust 21, over a so­lar eclipse. All of North Ame­ri­ca was lu­cky en­ough to at least view a par­tial eclipse – ac­cor­ding to NA­SA, 14 states in the Uni­ted States ex­pe­rien­ced two mi­nutes of com­plete dark­ness as the eclipse of the sun rea­ched to­ta­li­ty, mea­ning the moon com­ple­te­ly co­ve­red the sun. A par­tial eclipse was pos­sible to see over all of North Ame­ri­ca – On­ta­rio ha­ving ex­pe­rien­ced ap­proxi­ma­te­ly 60 per cent co­ve­rage of the sun The 2017 so­lar eclipse has been the first to­tal eclipse since 1979.

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