Where’s the Orange?

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There will be Li­be­ral red bal­lots and To­ry blue bal­lots cast for cer­tain at the polls in Glen­gar­ryP­res­cott-Rus­sell du­ring the pro­vin­cial elec­tion in June this year. But so far there is no one confir­med to car­ry the orange ban­ner for the NDP in the ri­ding. The NDP head of­fice in To­ron­to confir­med, du­ring a phone que­ry, that there is no can­di­date for the par­ty yet in the Glen­gar­ryP­res­cott-Rus­sell ri­ding. The of­fi­cial start for the pro­vin­cial elec­tion cam­pai­gn is May 9. The NDP head of­fice confir­med that the can­di­date no­mi­na­tion pro­cess for the GPR is in pro­gress but gave no fur­ther de­tails.–

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