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A lo­cal mo­ther and son have qua­li­fied for Na­tio­nal Darts com­pe­ti­tions in the co­ming months.

Rhon­da Maid­ment and son Ryan, from Rockland, will be com­pe­ting in Na­tio­nal Darts tour­na­ments in Drum­mond­ville, Que­bec. They both qua­li­fied for Na­tio­nals by suc­cee­ding in their res­pec­tive pro­vin­cial tour­na­ments.

Ryan, who has just re­cent­ly tur­ned 18 years old, plays darts com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ly in a youth league. He won the Se­nior Male Singles event at the Darts On­ta­rio Pro­vin­cial Cham­pion­ships that were held in St. Ca­tha­rines, On­ta­rio, from March 9 to 11.

This win qua­li­fied him to par­ti­ci­pate in the Na­tio­nal Darts Fe­de­ra­tion of Ca­na­da Youth Na­tio­nals, which will be held in Drum­mond­ville, from May 16 to 21. If Ryan is al­so suc­cess­ful at Na­tio­nals, he could qua­li­fy for the Bri­tish Darts Or­ga­ni­za­tion World Mas­ters Youth Cham­pion­ships, which will be held in En­gland in Oc­to­ber.

“The World Mas­ters is the hi­ghest ho­nor you can get,” ex­plai­ned mo­ther Rhon­da Maid­ment. Maid­ment, who has been playing darts her­self for over 20 years, has al­rea­dy qua­li­fied for the World Mas­ters. She will be hea­ding to the U.K. in Oc­to­ber to com­pete. Maid­ment qua­li­fied by win­ning a La­dies Singles Event in P.E.I in Sep­tem­ber.

But be­fore set­ting off for the U.K., she will be com­pe­ting in Drum­mond­ville, at the Adult Na­tio­nals, in June. She qua­li­fied af­ter she won se­cond place in the Darts On­ta­rio La­dies Singles Cham­pion­ships in St. Ca­tha­rines.

“I’m so ex­ci­ted that mo­ther and son are doing this in the same year; you real­ly don’t hear that of­ten,” ad­ded Rhon­da Maid­ment. “It’s not my first time ma­king Na­tio­nals, but it is my son’s first time. So I’m more ex­ci­ted for him than for me.”

Rhon­da Maid­ment is al­so one of the coaches for the youth league in Ot­ta­wa, which re­cruits chil­dren from 8 to 18 years old in Ot­ta­wa and its sur­roun­ding areas. Along with a friend, she star­ted this league about three years ago.

“The youth usual­ly don’t have ac­cess be­cause darts is pri­ma­ri­ly consi­de­red a bar game,” she ad­mit­ted. “They don’t rea­lize it but it helps them with their so­cial skills, their math skills, be­cause they have to be able to add and sub­tract the points. It helps them build re­la­tion­ships. Darts has so ma­ny great perks, so I pro­mote it.”

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Rhon­da et Ryan Maid­ment, une mère et son fils, de Rockland, par­ti­ci­pe­ront tous les deux à des tour­nois na­tio­naux de flé­chettes à Drum­mond­ville, au Qué­bec. Ils se sont qua­li­fiés pour les cham­pion­nats na­tio­naux en réus­sis­sant leurs tour­nois pro­vin­ciaux...

Rhon­da, qui joue aux flé­chettes de­puis plus de 20 ans, s’est dé­jà qua­li­fiée pour les cham­pion­nats du monde et se ren­dra en An­gle­terre en oc­tobre pour concou­rir. Ici, elle ac­cepte le prix de 2e place dans le tour­noi pro­vin­ciaux, la fin de se­maine de...

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