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The June pro­vin­cial elec­tion is about six weeks away and in Glen­gar­ry-Pres­cottRus­sell there are at least th­ree confir­med candidates vying to be­come the ri­ding’s MPP on June 6. Lo­cal mayors po­sed ques­tions on lo­cal is­sues.

Li­be­ral can­di­date Pierre Le­roux, Li­ber­ta­rian can­di­date Dar­cy Neal Don­nel­ly, and Pro­gres­sive Con­ser­va­tive can­di­date Aman­da Si­mard each re­cei­ved email co­pies of the ques­tions prior to the April 28 wee­kend. Here are the first set of res­ponses from the candidates.

So­cial hou­sing

What is the view of you and your par­ty on so­cial hou­sing im­pro­ve­ment aid?

“Eve­ryone needs, or knows so­meone who needs, a hel­ping hand so­me­times,” sta­ted Le­roux. “In­crea­sed in­vest­ments in so­cial hou­sing pro­jects are on­ly one part of the puzzle. Ano­ther part is ma­king sure in­di­vi­duals have the ne­ces­sa­ry tools in or­der to help them­selves, so they can even­tual­ly phase away from go­vern­ment as­sis­tance, al­lo­wing the next per­son in line the same op­por­tu­ni­ty for that hel­ping hand.”

“Help is co­ming for low-in­come On­ta­rians,” sta­ted Si­mard. “I know their lives have been made worse by ri­sing hy­dro prices, ri­sing hy­dro rates, and ri­sing taxes. We’re going to fix the mess at Hy­dro One, and sus­tai­na­bly cut rates by 12 per cent. We’re going to make sure that anyone ear­ning the minimum wage pays no pro­vin­cial in­come tax. We’re going to put more mo­ney in the po­ckets of low-in­come On­ta­rians, and help make sure their cheques go fur­ther. The Wynne go­vern­ment has fai­led low in­come On­ta­rians for the last de­cade.

“The pro­vince and mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties ought to cease fun­ding and ope­ra­ting pu­blic hou­sing pro­jects,” sta­ted Don­nel­ly. “We ought to li­be­rate the pri­vate sec­tor to com­pete in of­fe­ring hou­sing op­tions in ac­cor­dance to cus­to­mer mar­ket ex­pec­ta­tions. We be­lieve in the free mar­ket sys­tem over the com­mu­nist mar­ket sys­tem.”

Coun­ty Road 17

What help would your go­vern­ment pro­vide to get­ting up­gra­ding work star­ted on the Coun­ty Road 17/High­way 174 link bet­ween Ro­ck­land and Or­léans?

“With 15 years in go­vern­ment, Kath­leen Wynne and the Li­be­rals still ha­ven’t got this done,” sta­ted Si­mard. “I know how im­por­tant this pro­ject is, and I will work ti­re­less­ly to bring it to com­ple­tion.”

“While the costs as­so­cia­ted with a high­way 17/174 so­lu­tion are consi­de­rable,” sta­ted Le­roux, “the eco­no­mic im­pact of doing no­thing, with thou­sands of homes plan­ned for Clarence-Ro­ck­land, is unac­cep­table and needs to be rec­ti­fied. One of my top prio­ri­ties will be figh­ting for a so­lu­tion to this file.”

“Sim­ply have the pri­vate sec­tor com­pete to bid on the ac­qui­si­tion, construc­tion and main­te­nance of a ‘fee­way’ ins­tead of a go­vern­ment-ow­ned free­way,” sta­ted Don­nel­ly.


La can­di­date du Parti conser­va­teur Aman­da Si­mard, le can­di­dat li­bé­ral Pierre Le­roux, et le can­di­dat li­ber­ta­rien Dar­cy Neal Don­nel­ly ont pré­sen­té leurs points de vue et les phi­lo­so­phies de leur parti sur cer­taines ques­tions clés.

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