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Al­though Cla­rence-Ro­ck­land Ward Six Coun­cil­lor Krys­ta Simard will not seek a se­cond man­date, her hus­band, Christian Simard, will be step­ping up to the plate.

Krys­ta Simard na­med her health and her fa­mi­ly as the pri­ma­ry rea­sons that led her to her de­ci­sion to not present her­self again as a can­di­date in the up­co­ming Oc­to­ber mu­ni­ci­pal elec­tions.

“I was fin­ding my­self ex­haus­ted wor­king full time hours, being a part­time coun­cil­lor, ma­na­ging the hou­se­hold and eve­ryone’s sche­dules, as well as my vo­lun­teer work,” she ex­plai­ned. “I was sick this past year, more than I’ve ever been.”

Simard suf­fe­red from the shingles, had to see a spe­cia­list for vo­cal is­sues and had pro­blems with her thy­roid gland.

“My bo­dy was trying to tell me to slow down and I wasn’t lis­te­ning,” she said. “I’ve lear­ned that I’m no good to my fa­mi­ly or my com­mu­ni­ty if I don’t take care of my­self.”

This is where her hus­band, Christian, comes in­to the pic­ture. He has de­ci­ded to take some of the heat off his wife by pre­sen­ting him­self as a can­di­date for ward six in the next elec­tions.

“Seeing my wife do this job, and the toll it took on her health, I felt the need to step up,” he ex­plai­ned. “I’ve been with her eve­ry step of the way these past four years and I’m quite fa­mi­liar with most of the files, which will make the tran­si­tion from my wife to me, if elec­ted, seam­less.”

Al­though Christian Simard has no prior po­li­ti­cal ex­pe­rience, he has lear­ned a lot from his wife’s time as a ci­ty coun­cil­lor.

“I want to give back to the com­mu­ni­ty and make sure that what was pro­mi­sed this past term will conti­nue on in the next term,” he said.

As for Krys­ta, she plans to take time off from po­li­tics to take care of her­self and her fa­mi­ly, which in­cludes four tee­na­gers, ages 16, 15, 13-and-a-half and an al­most-12-year-old. She, ho­we­ver, does not write off po­li­tics com­ple­te­ly, saying none of this means she won’t ever re­turn to it la­ter on. She is al­so hea­vi­ly in­vol­ved in the com­mu­ni­ty, wor­king with the Club JOI in Saint-Pas­cal-Bay­lon and the Op­ti­mist Club, as well as di­rec­ting a chil­dren’s choir.

In re­flec­ting on her time as a coun­cil­lor, Krys­ta is thank­ful for the people she met along the way, but is al­so acu­te­ly aware of the chal­lenges of the po­li­ti­cal world.

“I had wan­ted to make a dif­fe­rence and I feel that I was able to do that in my ward,” she said. “Of course there is still a lot I would have li­ked to ac­com­plish, there are a lot of rules and re­gu­la­tions to fol­low and the red tape can be frus­tra­ting, but that’s where my hus­band can come in and conti­nue what I star­ted to do.”

“I want to make sure that what was pro­mi­sed this past term will conti­nue on in the next term.»

—pho­to four­nie

Bien que conseillère mu­ni­ci­pale du quar­tier six à Cla­rence-Ro­ck­land, Krys­ta Simard, ne sol­li­ci­te­ra pas un deuxième man­dat. Son ma­ri, Christian Simard, se pré­sen­te­ra à sa place. Krys­ta Simard a dé­si­gné sa san­té et sa fa­mille, qui com­prend quatre...

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