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Re: ar­ticle tit­led Stop lights plan­ned for Wendover, pu­bli­shed in the Ju­ly 5 edi­tion of Vi­sion.

I read this ar­ticle with in­ter­est – thank you - mu­ting from this area to down­town Ot­ta­wa for over 30 years and the whole si­tua­tion gets worse eve­ry year! The fact that we have a two-lane high­way all the way in­to Ot­ta­wa, in spite of conti­nued new de­ve­lop­ments, and in spite of the vo­lume of traf­fic is pro­blem

I was sho­cked when the speed li­mit on a bu­sy high­way was drop­ped to 70 km per hour. This is a high­way - it is not a ‘re­si­den­tial put up a stop light is even more ridiculous! I ex­pect that the people crying about there being too much traf­fic are the people who the high­way at their lei­sure. There are few en­tran­ce­ways/dri­ve­ways in the stretch in ques­tion and re­du­cing the speed li­mit and ad­ding a stop light sim­ply creates more frus­tra­tion, more stops and more oc­ca­sions for ac­ci­dents. A smooth flow of traf­fic is much more ef­fec­tive!

Com­plai­ning about fog at the in­ter­sec eve­ryw­here and dri­vers are more cau­tious around in­ter­sec­tions. Give us some cre­dit!

My thought is that this is just one more UCPR coun­cil is lis­te­ning to a hand­ful of re­si­dents, while the re­main­der of us are com­ple­te­ly igno­red. The UCPR is cli­quish! It ca­ters to the fa­mi­lies that have li­ved here fo­re­ver and dis­cri­mi­nates against others.

The Coun­cil of the UCPR need to wake up, look around them and rea­lize that times are chan­ging! People are bu­sy, people are taxes and we all get a vote!

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