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The Won­ders of Co­conut Oil

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The won­ders of co­conut oil

you can call it “god­dess grease”. It’s rich, creamy, ex­otic, and the ul­ti­mate in lux­ury. We are talk­ing about Or­ganic Un­re­fined Vir­gin Co­conut Oil. It’s high fat con­tent gave it a bad rep for a while, but thank good­ness the ma­jor­ity of us smartened up and now un­der­stand some fats are ac­tu­ally good for us and es­sen­tial to thriv­ing cells. Eat it, spread it, cook it, there’s not much you can’t do with it. You should have bot­tles in the kitchen, bath­room and the bed­room. OK, I’m a bit ob­sessed with it. And it’s no fad. Here’s why: Heart Healthy: Co­conut oil’s sat­u­rated fat is lau­ric acid, proven to pro­tect the heart by re­duc­ing bad choles­terol and en­hanc­ing good choles­terol lev­els. It also helps lower blood pres­sure and it does not lead to ac­cu­mu­la­tion of fat in the heart and ar­ter­ies.

Me­tab­o­lism booster and fat buster: OK who doesn’t want ei­ther of th­ese? Co­conut oil’s medium chain triglyc­erides (MCTs) break down in the liver and are eas­ily con­verted into en­ergy not just stored as fat. This leads to more ef­fi­cient en­ergy burn­ing and an in­crease in me­tab­o­lism. Sim­ply put, eat­ing this will give you more en­ergy. And be­cause it does not spike blood sugar lev­els (great for those with di­a­betes or pre-di­a­betes), hunger is sa­ti­ated for a longer pe­riod of time and you won’t be ready to reach for that who-knows-what at snack time. It also con­tains fewer calo­ries than other oils. Can I say any more? Beauty Builder: It’s an amaz­ing mois­tur­izer and great for any kind of skin ir­ri­ta­tion in­clud­ing bug bites, scrapes, bruises, red patches, eczema and di­a­per rash. Rub it on and watch your is­sue dis­ap­pear. Se­ri­ously. My all time fa­vorite is us­ing it as a makeup re­mover. It’s pretty much a one-stop-shop. Clear the counter. Im­mune Booster: It is anti-ev­ery­thing—anti-bac­te­rial, anti-mi­cro­bial, an­ti­fun­gal, an­tiox­i­dant, anti-ager and anti-vi­ral—both when ap­plied top­i­cally and con­sumed. It helps our bod­ies mount re­sis­tance to both viruses and bac­te­ria that can cause ill­ness.

Here are my top 10 uses for this bot­tled-up mir­a­cle .

1. A com­plete re­place­ment for but­ter in bak­ing. Choco­late cook­ies never tasted so good. 2. Al­most a com­plete re­place­ment for Olive Oil in cook­ing. Yup, you heard that right. It’s more sta­ble. I sauté all my veg­gies in it. I still like my Olive oil for dip­ping and salad dress­ing, but never in cook­ing any­more.

3. Pan­cakes never tasted so good us­ing co­conut oil in­stead of but­ter to cook them.

4. A ta­ble­spoon to daily power smooth­ies. Adds a nice sub­tle fla­vor.

5. In steel cut oats. I add a ta­ble­spoon to the boil­ing wa­ter. Makes it creamier and just a touch tropic.

6. Mix with co­cao pow­der, al­mond milk and honey for a health­ier hot choco­late or choco­late milk.

7. As a win­ter face and body mois­tur­izer.

8. Add half cup to the fam­ily’s bath. Soothes any itch­i­ness, scratches, rashes and red patches we may have. Plus it soft­ens the wa­ter just so.

9. As a smooth, easy-to-ap­ply and eas­ily ab­sorbed mas­sage oil.

10. As a de­tan­gler. Take half tea­spoon, melt it and mix with three cups wa­ter. Put in spray bot­tle.

For recipes in­cor­po­rat­ing this su­per food into your ev­ery­day, check out www. nour­ Easy and healthy recipes and holis­tic so­lu­tions from a lo­cal holis­tic nu­tri­tion­ist that pro­motes sus­tain­able food and healthy eat­ing. Sign up for in­spir­ing and in­sight­ful monthly emails on healthy liv­ing for you and your fam­ily at www.nour­

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