Hoola Hoop Draw­ing

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• Hoola hoop • Pen­cils • Pa­per or a sketch­pad • Pen­cil crayons

make it!

Go out­side on a nice sunny day— you can hit a park or the beach. Throw the hoola hoop or find an in­ter­est­ing spot to put it down. Sit down and ob­serve the beauty within the cir­cle. We of­ten miss the de­tails in life, so have your child look at the shapes, tex­tures, col­ors and lines. Start by draw­ing shapes, just by ob­serv­ing the out­side of the shape, tell your child to draw lines, notic­ing there are lines around the shapes and within the shapes. Use your pen­cil crayons to add color, and en­cour­age your child to make a new draw­ing with the shapes they may see. For ex­am­ple, they may see an­i­mals, fish, cas­tles etc.

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