Ba­con, Egg & Sausage Break­fast Dumplings

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Soft egg-and-sausage-filled dumplings make a tasty break­fast nosh. This per­ogy-like dough could en­close any num­ber of in­gre­di­ents—to make veg­e­tar­ian dumplings, sauté pep­pers, mush­rooms or other veg­gies to use in place of the sausage, and omit the ba­con.


2 cups all-pur­pose flour, plus ex­tra for knead­ing 1⁄4 tsp salt 1 large egg 2 tbsp canola or other vegetable oil ½ cup very hot wa­ter


4 to 6 pork break­fast sausages or 2 large Ital­ian or chorizo sausages 2 large eggs 2 tbsp milk or cream 2 green onions, chopped Salt and pep­per, to taste

4 to 6 ba­con slices, chopped Canola or other vegetable oil, for cook­ing

1. To make dough, stir to­gether flour and salt in a large bowl. In a small bowl, stir to­gether egg and oil. Add to flour mix­ture and stir un­til crumbly and well in­cor­po­rated; add hot wa­ter and stir un­til dough comes to­gether. On a lightly floured sur­face, knead dough un­til smooth and elas­tic. Cover with a tea towel and let rest for at least 20 min­utes.

2. To make fill­ing, squeeze sausages out of their cas­ings into a skil­let set over medium-high heat and cook, break­ing up the meat with a spoon, un­til no longer pink. Trans­fer to a plate or bowl and set aside. In a small bowl, whisk to­gether eggs, milk, green onions and salt and pep­per to taste. Pour into skil­let and cook, stir­ring with a heat­proof spat­ula, un­til eggs are set. Trans­fer to the plate with the sausage.

3. Cut dough into a few pieces and roll each into an inch-thick rope. Cut off inch-long pieces and roll into cir­cles that are about ¼ -inch thick. Fill each cir­cle with a small amount of sausage and egg, fold over to en­close and pinch around edge to seal. Place seam side up, like a pot­sticker, as you fill the rest.

4. To cook your dumplings, set a large, heavy skil­let over medium-high heat, add ba­con (if us­ing) and a driz­zle of oil and cook un­til ba­con is crisp. Bring a medium pot of wa­ter to a boil, lower dumplings in and cook for 3 to 4 min­utes; they’ll float faster than per­o­gies but will need a few min­utes to cook the dough through. Re­move from wa­ter with a slot­ted spoon and trans­fer to the hot pan, brown­ing quickly in the ba­con drip­pings. Serve warm. Makes about 2 dozen dumplings.

DOUGHS AND DON’TS Avoid the Re-roll Cut­ting and re-rolling the dough can make your fin­ished dumplings tough. To elim­i­nate scraps, roll the dough into logs, cut the log into pieces and then roll each piece.

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