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Boil­ing Oar Brew­ing is busy try­ing to keep up with de­mand and doesn't yet have a tast­ing room, while Out­cast Brew­ing and Goat Locker Brew­ing are lo­cally-owned con­tract brew­ers. They have no brew­ing fa­cil­i­ties of their own, but make their beer us­ing other's equip­ment. You can com­plete your Cal­gary beer ex­pe­ri­ence by drink­ing Boil­ing Oar, Out­cast, and Goat Locker beers at lo­cal bars. Also kSe­teop ny­oeuyr eyTerail out for beers from Cal­gary's soon-toopen brew­eries Anex Ale Project, Car­avel Brew­ery, Zero Is­sue Brew­ing, Red Bi­son Brew­ery, Bam Brew­ing, and The Well Brew­ing Com­pany.

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